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              » Edited Press Release on the new Sun Systems «
                     Provided by Pipestrello on Delphi

New systems feature revolutionary imaging capabilities and the industry's
lowest-cost real-time video capture/compression technology, both developed by

   --SPARCstation 10SX -- providing industry-leading image processing
performance, full 24-bit color, 3-D graphics and hardware-accelerated  video

   --SPARCstation 10M -- offering all of the capabilities of the SPARCstation
10SX, plus real-time video capture/compression and a video  camera.

   --SPARCclassic M -- at $4,995, the industry's most inexpensive, fully
configured multimedia workstation. It includes a camera, real-time video
capture/compression card -- enabling multimedia conferencing over standard
networks -- and a storage disk.

   In the area of imaging, the SPARCstation 10SX delivers unmatched per-
formance and capabilites among workstation platforms. "Imaging" means the 
ability to manipulate and process such images as digitized photographs, X-Rays
and satellite data.

   The SPARCstation 10SX is the first system in its class with a graphics and
imaging ASIC integrated right into its memory subsystem that can manipulate
images as large as 300 megabytes in almost real time.  Common imaging 
fuctions -- panning, zooming and rotating -- as well as advanced special 
effects -- sharpening, blurring and edge detection -- are carried out 
extremely quickly due to the speed of the SX chip.

   In addition, SX is the only imaging accelerator that doesn't force data to
pass over a relatively low-speed bus.

   The 10SX has superior imaging, provides full 24-bit, Gouraud-shaded, Z-
buffered graphics for interactive 3-D. It also provides fast decompressed 
video playback in hardware.  All of these capabilities are carried out by the
revolutionary ASIC.

   The SPARCstation 10SX, which is available immediately, has introductory
pricing beginning at $15,495. The price includes a 535 megabyte hard disk, 32
megabytes of memory and a 16-inch color monitor.

   SMCC also introduced two workstations providing new levels of video
conferencing and multimedia authoring . They feature video capture and
compresion at 30 frames per second. These systems are the SPARCstation 10M and
the SPARCclassic M computers.

   SMCC's video conferencing workstations come equipped with the new SunVideo
capture/compression SBus card, that supports multiple video compression
standards such as MPEG, JPEG and CELL, SMCC's internally developed algorithm.

   The multimedia workstations also include a video camera and a CD-ROM disc
containing licensable video and multimedia programs.

   In addition, users can take advantage of Solaris LIVE!, an extensive array
of multimedia technologies that support workgroup collaboration, video con-
ferencing and more. Solaris LIVE! is part of the Solaris 2.3 operating en-

   The SPARCstation 10M has introductory prices starting at $17,095, available
beginning Dec. 15.

   Also available is a "multi-media bundle" that can be used to equip any of
the existing installed base of SPARCstation systems for multimedia.  Allows
customers to retrofit existing systems for multimedia.  Priced at $1,895, the
multimedia package includes the SunVideo capture/compression card, video camera
and multimedia CD-ROM disc. The SunVideo card can also be purchased alone for