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/// The Emulation Rambler
    By Jason Compton

Time this week for a little emulation and a lot of rambling.


A quote taken from comp.sys.amiga.emulators, from emulation's newest 
bestest buddy, Jim Drew.

"We are looking into the licensing agreement for the chipset used in the 
3DO emulation."


The quote's context was in reference to the CD32 only.  However, I can 
easily see them trying to extend this to CD-equipped Amigas.


This means that, depending on the cost of the 3DO Emplant module, a 
consumer could very well be able to buy both a CD32 AND a 3DO for 
around the price of 3DO itself.  Now, the challenge would be to 
communicate that to the public.

Back to your regular article:

First off, I would just like to let our intrepid readers know that both Rob 
Glover and I are trying to obtain the Emplant board for review from Jim 
Drew at Utilities Unlimited -- I'm looking for the standard version and Rob 
trying to get the PCMCIA Emplant.  The only word I've gotten back is that 
since UU is backordered, they're not releasing any copies for review, 
which sounds perfectly reasonable to me. He also added that UU is 
moving to a plant to produce 40,000 Emplants per month, in order to 
satisfy demand for the 4000/Emplant bundle package. Didn't I mention 
how good of an idea that would be a couple of months back?  So, in 
closing on this topic-keep up the good work, Jim, and let us check out your 

Also: I am STILL looking for someone with a fast Amiga (030/40 and up 
preferable) to run some PC-Task benchmarks for me. I've got a whole set 
of Macintosh SoftPC benchmarks just dying for comparison. Send me mail 
if you're interested in doing me a favor.

On the subject of mail:  Thanks to the few people who so far have 
successfully gotten mail through to me. is an address
that looks like it will be consistent for me, so please direct all mail

I am, of course, an avid reader and try to be an active poster on 
comp.sys.amiga.emulations, and the one thing I'm noticing (along with just 
about everyone else) is that the Emplant is occupying all of the time there.  
I don't want to get sucked into that trap, so I'm especially anxious to hear 
from a handful of Bridgeboard owners or so, just to keep the spirit 
alive...since my funds are limited, I'm still plugging along on a C= 2286 
bridgeboard, which I recently confirmed can indeed handle a SVGA card 
without freaking Janus out (some people recently have had hard times 
getting Janus libraries to load correctly when they started adding 

It looks like my article will be cut short there.  I'm keeping an eye out for 
the release version of the IBM C-64 emulator, and anxiously awaiting the 
chance to review an Emplant for your reading pleasure.  Until the next