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/// New AmigaDos 3.0 (system 3) Specialist PD/Shareware Library

Contact Details.

        Generation #3 Library

        PO Box 235
        Palmerston North
        New Zealand.
        PH:+ 64 6 3587653

        FIDO:   3:771/425 - "Andrew Lockhart"

        This Library has been created to enhance the use of Amiga
        Computers running AmigaDos 3.0 or greater OS. 
        This includes, A1200, A4000, and soon A4000T. And to some
        extent the CD32 console, which has the capability to be
        expanded to a full 1200 like machine.
It is a machine specific library, in that we intend to include only
software for the above machines. This will of course preclude the
use of a lot of excellent software, but there are other libraries,
notably Fred-Fish, and many others, which other a more broad-range of
available software to compensate. This should be considered if you
have one of the above machines and have trouble finding software that
is compatible.

        Additionally we offer a slight bias towards software that has
        a visual side, like:

        2D/3D Animation,
        Multimedia Domestication,
        ... And associated utilities.

        All releases will be distributed on 3.5inch DSDD format disk,
        utilizing Fast File System, and Directory Cache options.
        All disk's shall utilize English, as the native Language.
        All disk's shall be non-bootable. Boot through the WorkBench.



        * VISA(TM) and MASTERCARD(TM) orders Accepted !!

        * Virus Free Tested Software.

        * A Library containing only tried and tested software. 
          (Where possible).

        * A partial emphasis on fun, demo-ware, graphics, animations,
          artwork, Sound, Music, and associated utilities.

        * Software 'optimized' for System 3.x features and

        * A Library consisting of more 'system legal' software.

        * Non Compatible Pre System 3 software NOT included!

        * Variety of easy, low-cost mail order solutions for
          retailers, users, and user-groups etc.

        * "Advance Pay" Savings for Volume discounts.        

        * The Latest News On Amiga Hardware And Software.



        * You will receive the latest releases (initially at least 5
          disk's per month) days after release. Air-Mailed for all
          possible speed.

        * I promise a, no more than,  24Hour turn-around time on all

        * Save on costly downloads, and toll/on-line charges.

        * Not all of us have FTP available for FREE. Many charge a
          cost of up to $20+ Per MB for mail. This option is
          cheaper and more convenient.

        * Bulk order discounts mean you save on retail/user group

        * Make the latest software available to your Amiga User
          Group; charge a small fee to copy each disk; The
          initial investment will pay for itself MANY times over.
          Put the excess funds BACK into your Amiga User Group/Club.

        * Be confident that you have the Software to Demonstrate the
          Amiga in the commercial environment. Great for retail

        * Your order will arrive on quality Branded Diskettes.


        * Increasing Performance and User-friendliness of Amiga
          software by encouraging the use of Commodore Developer
          Guidelines, and style (interface) Guidelines. (By
          accepting more system legal, and friendly software.)
          (MORE ON THIS SOON)

        * Assisting retailers demonstrate the New Amiga machines, by
          providing ready-to-run demonstrations, and demo-ware. 

        * Assisting Developers by providing more crucial information
          regarding important, and strategic OS Feature details.
          (Including new Hardware and Software NEWS.)
        * Provide a means to spread the hard work/achievements of
          Amiga programmers, by spreading their software, in as many
          countries as possible *worldwide*. 


                       SUBMISSION  GUIDELINES:

        Only Software that meets one of the following criteria:

        1. AmigaDos #3 compatible.

        Software falling outside this criteria May be considered if: 
        2. Partially compatible, but seen as valuable to the Amiga
           community as a whole to be included.

       Same as:

        3. System legal, and user-friendly software, implementing
           only partial Amigados #3 compatibility.

Lastly, we like to mention ALL software will be thougherly tested
(as possible) and considered for inclusion nonetheless.
But we feel, for the purpose of this library, Author's wishing to
submit will gain greater chance if they follow the above guidelines
(No pun intended!) 


             PLEASE NOTE! - Info on Mailing Submissions.

I do not have FREE FTP access. It is a Costly option for me. This is
on top of other on-line charges, and membership fees. 

As much as I may appreciate you posting your latest release of your
work to my Usenet account, the subsequent charges will make it
fairly prohibitive!

If you wish to submit, and want to make certain that it is
considered for inclusion, then please take the following option.

Please post it Air-Mail to my PO Box, which I check at _least_ once
daily. This is _more reliable_, and _secure_ way to submit.
Don't rely on the net being a reliable media!

Occasionally material is obtained for the Library by FTP'ing various
sites. Much potential material can be obtained from this source.
Upload your release to this source; this will ensure we have it
available (if you do not wish to mail it to me), AND it will become
available to thousands of other users worldwide.

The quickest, and most sure way for me to include software you have 
written, and wish to have included here, is to closely take not of
the following:

NOTE:   * Commodore's workbench for example includes Copyrighted
          programs that we cannot use. (I could - but wont!)
          In General - most of Fred Fish's suggestions for his 
          *wonderful* library are relevant here. To clarify:

       1. As stated above, we cannot include Commodore's files here.
          If your software requires a particular library, then say
          so in your documentation. It would hardly be ideal for me
          to get into moral and/or legal trouble for using
          copyrighted material without permission. 

       2. With your submissions include a statement along with
          instructions on any 'restrictions' on how you wish the
          information be included. (Keeping in mind this library
          hopes to implement a more user-friendly approach, to how
          the software is presented to the end-user.)
       3. Present multiple submissions in separate directories, or
          separate archives. Include a CONTENTS.TXT in your
          archive/disk. This will assist me in sorting out multiple

       4. Please ensure your submission is in a runnable form. If it
          is a archive, then make sure its named so. Include where
          possible any freely distributable 'players' needed to run
          the software. This would include installation scripts. If
          not, state what's required, Keeping in mind #1.

       5. Include, (if applicable) software version number, size of
          archives included, and any other pertinent info you think
          necessary. In the previously mentioned CONTENTS.TXT.
          If you wish, include a short bio about yourself, your past
          and future works, state of employment etc., then feel free
          to do so. Name the file BIO.TXT and place it with your
          submission. Feel free to 'plug' for work, but not to
          advertise commercial products.

       6. Please do not include submissions on high-density disks. 
          Remembering that Commodore have not yet got high-density
          format machines standard. There are tens of thousands out
          there (users of 1200's) without high density drives. 
          The use of FFS (Fast File System), and directory-cache, is
          encouraged on disks submitted. 
          (I don't YET have a HD drive.)

       7. If possible, when making a submission, and it is an
          archive, use LHA to compact it. This will save me time.

       8. Use a quality Virus Checker to check your submission.
          Like "Virus Checker" by John Veldthuis.  


                         ORDERING INFORMATION

                   A Word About Method Of Payment/S

YEP! We have support for Mastercard(TM) and Visa(TM) (ONLY). This
covers most of the credit card market. It is difficult to get support
for this, but I wished to provide this to you, my customers.

Because of minimum usage charges, a minimum Credit Card order applies.
This is $50 New Zealand dollars.  (Similar to other libraries etc)

The current methods of payment, are as follows.

Please Pay In the following currencies.

(In order of preference)

        1> MASTERCARD(TM) or VISA(TM).

        2> New Zealand Dollars.

        3> US Dollars.
           Pound Sterling.

Just a reminder:

(New Zealanders Must add GST!)

        No Personal Cheques. (Outside New Zealand Only).
        No Euro Cheques.
        Only VISA(TM)/MASTERCARD(TM) orders. 

New Zealanders can send cash or personal cheques, whilst Australians,
can forward one of the alternative methods of payment.

If you are in Europe for example, or fall outside one of these
currencies, please convert before posting your order.

These currencies do Not cost me anything to exchange to NZ Dollars,
thus allowing me to maintain this service.

I'm running on tight margins, and other methods like cashing a
personal cheque from an Amiga owner in the US would quickly become
VERY expensive and time consuming. 

Q: What about Security? How safe is it to post Cash?
A: Well, the cost of insuring or registering the money is generally
   Very low. Its not much for peace of mind. You should register
   the letter. Post unregistered cash at your own risk.
   If your order is fairly large, don't risk it, Register or Insure

NOTE: The currency your order is in makes no difference to the speed
      your order is processed. All orders are promptly processed.

       Note to PD/Shareware companies and CD-ROM Manufactures.

If you wish to include the New Generation #3 Library in your
PD/Shareware CDROM, then contact us for a Subscription. Or assistance
if required. Please contact us first, as we would request that you
include a text file from Generation #3, stating contact details,
availability, pricing etc.

                    Note to Commercial Developers.

We will gladly accept your 'demo' software for inclusion. Same
conditions apply. Games demos will be welcome.
(Although non-system legal games demos will be welcome).

It is our belief you will receive the following for submitting:

     * Greater recognition for your Software.

     * Appreciation from potential end-users.

     * Feedback concerning product suitability for target marget. 
          (Does your company have an EMAIL address on Usenet? This is
          another way to get useful free feedback.)


                     GENERATION #3 LIBRARY COSTS:

All amounts in New Zealand Dollars: 

  1 >  5 disk's @  $10 per disk. 
  6 > 30 disk's @  $09 per disk.
 31 > 50 disk's @  $08 per disk.
 51 > 75 disk's @  $07 per disk.

SAVE on Bulk order, "Advanced Pay" discounts. (Compare with above).

  1 >  5 disk's @  $09 per disk.
  6 > 30 disk's @  $08.50 per disk.  
 31 > 50 disk's @  $07 per disk.
 51 > 75 disk's @  $06 per disk.
 76 >100 disk's @  $05 per disk.


                          NOTES ON ORDERING:

BEFORE you order, to avoid confusion, make your you have checked the
following checklist:

1: Have you included the correct method of payment?

2: Have you included the correct renumeration to cover Post and

3: Have you insured or registered your order? (in the case of posting


5: Get quote on Post and Packaging for your order, before completing
   an order. There can be alot of variation depending on your
   location, and quantity ordered.


*       Minimum "Advance Pay" discount order is 30 disks.

*       Single disk cost is _virtually_ the same as other libraries,
        such as Fred Fish etc. EG: 10 $NZ = approx US $5.

*       Minimum Credit Card Order is NZ$50.00

*       Your "Advanced Pay" monies, shall be held in a separate account
        to ensure refunds, for undelivered portions of your order,
        should I be unable to continue this service. (Example: If I
        get drowned tomorrow.) YOUR MONEY IS GUARANTEED.

*       As we cannot guarantee the suitability of software in the
        library for a particualar purpose, we cannot give refunds. 
        Of course, this excludes media defects.

*       For Post and Packaging costs, please EMAIL, or contact us.

*       All P&P costs are charged at cost. No more. Because it varies
        depending on location (country), we thought it easier to quote
        on application.


Please spread this file to your local Amiga BBS, newsgroup, club etc!