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/// From the Editor's Desk                        "Saying it like it is!"

Before you read this editorial, go take a look at AR Online.  Check out
the last message in the Amiga International section from FidoNet.  There's
a message about a recent article in InfoWorld.  Go read it and then come
back here.

Okay, you've read it?  Good.  Are you as infuriated as I am?  Why a well-
known BUSINESS computer magazine would take such a cheap shot at the Amiga
is beyond me.  I mean, this magazine carries a lot of credibility and weight
in the business world.  I have to wonder who is responsible for letting a
remark like that slip... "We got letters of outrage from every business user 
with an Amiga on the face of the earth, and both of them were really nasty."

That is really low.  I guess these guys seem to think that the only thing
a business user uses a computer for is running spreadsheets and databases.
WRONG!  How many of you out there use your Amiga in a video production
business, with or without a Toaster?  How many of you use it for MIDI system
in a professional environment?  If those aren't legitimate business uses,
then the world is more screwed up than I thought.

And why do people use their Amigas for those purposes?  Because the PC can't
do it.  Sure, there are MIDI interfaces for the PC, but I can't think of
any professional musicians that use a PC as their MIDI system.  Everyone
uses either a Mac, Amiga or Atari ST.

The 3D rendering wave is just starting to hit the PC platform.  Imagine 2.0
is out for the PC, but the version I used is extremely flakey, due to con-
flicts with EMS or XMS extended memory managers.  And the Amiga still has
the best 3D rendering software on the planet -- LightWave.  Every time we
watch seaQuest or Babylon 5, we can feel good at the fact that the PC just
isn't going to have software that good for a long time!

BTW, I saw a commercial on FOX last night.  Babylon 5 (the movie) will be
rerun sometime this Saturday.  If I remember correctly, it's supposed to be
at 3 pm Eastern time.  So if you didn't tape it the first time, now's your

And since we're off-topic anyway, I might as well say that the Sci-Fi
channel is running a 24-hour Battlestar Galactica-Thon starting at 7 am
Eastern time on Saturday morning, until 7 am again on Sunday morning.
Twenty-four episodes!  Wow, I wonder how many were actually made...

On another subject, I was looking at the calendar, and noticed that there
will be only seven or eight issues of Amiga Report issues left in 1993.
I'm not sure if we'll be taking another week off or not, that's why I said
seven or eight.

If all goes well, I hope to release an index of articles after the first of
the year, covering all of 1993.  And we're planning a Year In Review for
sometime in March, marking our first anniversary.

That's it for now.

                                 Rob @ AR