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    #4          24-OCT-1993 22:05:49.65                             NEWMAIL

From:   IN%"mbuford@..."  "Matthew W. Buford"
To:     IN%""
Subj:   Lemmings 2 article in AR129

Hi there... I was reading AR129 and saw the article about Lemmings 2. Well
I don't even own Lemmings 2 but I thought I'd let you know that the that
guy's lemmings 2 disk's installation file was deleted because he did not
follow the instrucions.

Like I said, I don't own lemmings 2, but this is what I understand from
reading messages on GEnie...

Apparently the idea is you're supposed to drag the Lemmings 2 installation
icon to the place you want the game installed on your hard drive, then
click on the icon THERE. What the icon does is copy the required files to
the current directory (where the icon was started from) and then deletes
itself (the install program) from the current dir.

Well, he click on the install icon on the original disk, which proceeded
to try to copy itself to itself and then delete the install program.

Psygnosis has received a LOT of griping because of this problem, but it
was not something they did on purpose to keep people from installing the
game on multiple systems as William Jones states in his message from FidoNet.