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From the AmigaZone on Portal

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16026.3.624.1 hey..
10/23/93 13:57 66/3331 Harv

Sick of doom and gloom about Amigas? Well now you have something to
live for :-)

On the evening of November 7th, 1993, (that's a Sunday), the Amiga Zone
will proudly present "An Evening of Amiga Optimism with Dave Haynie!"

Yes, you heard it here first. Dave (also known as "hazy"), a ten year
veteran of Commodore's engineering dept. (his name is etched onto
to motherboards of most of your Amigas if you'd care to peek inside
and check), will be in our live chat to take your questions and talk
about what is really going on at Commodore engineering. Mark this
date on your calendars and don't miss this *important* live chat.

Everyone on the Amiga Zone mailing list will receive further info about
this live chat soon via email, so those of you who never read our
message bases (and who can't see this anyway :-) will soon learn of
this upcoming chat too.

While other services spread their doom and gloom with conference
guests who hide behind curtains and rubber masks, not revealing their
real identities, the Amiga Zone respects your intelligence and is
happy to bring you the real truth. So stay tuned!

Next on today's hit parade, I have just received over 10 Megabytes of
software which was published by Compute magazine on their series
of Amiga Resource Disks, this through the courtesy and generosity
of Denny Atkin, former Editor of Compute's Amiga Resource edition.
As you may or may not know, Compute decided to stop publishing
the Amiga edition and the Sept. 1993 issue was their last. Denny
is now their general entertainment software editor, so happily he's
still gainfully employed. Unhappily, he has to touch MS DOS computers
all day instead.

The uploading of this ten meg of Compute software will commence shortly
and you will find all of it in the Compute vendor area here in the
Amiga Zone so it will NOT appear in our regular new uploads library.
If you want to pick it up in your Portal subscriptions, then I would
suggest that you visit that vendor area (type "go amiga;3" to get there)
and enter each of its sections and type "sub" to make sure you are
subscribed to it. That way, when you read or scan your subs, each
new file will be presented to you for downloading.

Of course you may also wander around the system aimlessly and just
check in there from time to time to see what new files have arrived.
As this is a massive uploading project, it'll take me more than a day
to complete it most likely so keep checking back.

Further, as with the files already in Compute's vendor section here,
these new files will contain a distribution restriction and copyright
notice. NONE Of the files in the Compute's vendor area here, be they
the ones already there, or the ones soon to arrive, NONE Of them may
be posted on other commercial services, or user- or user-group-run
BBSes, or Internet FTP sites, nor may they be included in user group
monthly disks. Sorry kids, but them's the rules. The files will be
here for the personal enjoyment of those who download them directly
from Portal... ONLY.

There will be games, application software, and "art gallery" pictures.
NONE Of this stuff has ever been (legally) uploaded anywhere else
before. The only way you could previously get it was by buy8ing the
Amiga Resource disks from Compute magazine.

Have fun!

Harv Laser
Amiga Zone Moderator/Sysop


.../Message Bases/Files - Talk about our Library here/iff to mac sound?
16032.3.129.1 iff to mac sound?
10/17/93 21:48 9/224 DrAllosaurus

Any recommendation for a utility to convert amiga sounds to mac sounds?
I've poked around the libraries a little, but nothing jumped out
as being exactly what I need.

So any ideas would be welcomed.




.../Message Bases/Files - Talk about our Library here/iff to mac sound?
16032.3.129.2 Re: IFF to Mac sound
10/19/93 13:10 9/623 ScottJ

Dr Allosaurus, there are two program that will do what you want. The first
is Oplay by David Champion. It allows you to play MAC, SUN and a whole
bunch of sound file formats on you Amiga. It wont convert the sound into
an Amiga IFF sound though. The 2nd program is AmiSox, also by David
Champion. It converts to and from Amiga IFF and a whole bunch of other
sound formats. You would use it if you need to actuslly convert the
sound to Mac format. AmiSox is an Amiga port of the Unix sound conversion
program Sox, so if you have access to a Unix machine you can FTP
the source code for Sox and compile it for your Unix box.


.../Message Bases/General Q&A, Announcements, and Help!/Two Announcements!
16026.3.624.3 Compute disks now online!
10/28/93 17:17 29/1471 Harv

Seven .DMS full disk archive files containing seven issues of
COMPUTE magazine's "Amiga Resource" disks are now online for your
downloading pleasure in the COMPUTE Vendor section. "Go Compute"
or "go 22237.3.3" to get to the collection where these new files
have just been uploaded this date. (Note that I put them into
the COMPUTE apps & utils section, but every disk also contains
some games, and some of them also contain some "art gallery" files).

BE SURE to read the Distribution, Copyright, and What'sMissing
text files which you will also find in this collection at
22237.3.3. It is of paramount importance that you understand
that these are Copyrighted programs and that you are limited to
the ways in which you can re-distribute them. If you feel that you
cannot comply with the Distribution restrictions, then just
don't download these files.

Each .DMS file is named with a Month/Year to indicate which issue
of COMPUTE'S Amiga Resource magazine it was attached to. If you
have the relevant issues of the magazine in your collection, you will
get full descriptions of each of the programs on each of the disks.
Otherwise you may wish to order these issues as back issues from
COMPUTE Publications. Some of the programs on the disks have docs
on the disks, some have built-in online help, some have neither.
But ALL of them were fully described in the issue of the magazine
with the same cover date as the dates of the disks.

Have fun!
Amiga Zone Sysop


From FidoNet's Amiga International Echo

Area: AMIGA                                   Date: 24 Oct 93  3:29:34
From: Jonathan Gapen (1:121/6.11)
To  : All
Subj: Amiga Ad - Proposal

   Hey everybody,  here's an idea for an Amiga ad.  Part of it came from
Travis Cunningham,  in Australia,  part of it from me.
   The words in bold print:


                  <a picture of a sledgehammer here>

                     <a picture of an Amiga here>

   And that's all.  Simple,  effective.

   A series of TV commercials could be made too.  People smashing their
computers is guaranteed to capture people's attention.  If Amiga users had to
make the ads instead of Commodore,  I'm sure there'd be a few donations of
computers to smash.  ;^)

   In case you're wondering,  this isn't a joke.  I think this type of ad
could work.  It could be part of an "Assault an Apple Today" campaign.

   It may be too late for conventional ads by Commodore.  I think the
president,  or some one from Commodore,  should make her/himself seen in
public smashing Macs and Clones.  ("Ever wanted to 'Hit any key'?")  It would
be totally rediculous and out of character for the computer industry, but it
would get Commodore noticed.  Smashing computers on TV would get the buying
public's attention,  I know that.

Jonathan Gapen


Area: AMIGA                                   Date: 19 Oct 93  9:07:14
From: William Sloggy (1:238/105.0)
To  : All
Subj: 3DO

Just thought a news update on the 3DO might be interesting to you' all

From the 10/11/93 issue of Broadcasting & Cable magazine:

                       3DO, SET WITH SET-TOP BOX

California computer graphics company 3DO made a big jump into television
last week, signing on to build equipment for US West's video dialtone
test in Omaha. US West tapped 3DO to design the set-top converter boxes
for the proposed test, which still is awaiting FCC approval. The set-top
box will be the subscribers interface for a variety of planned inter-
active services, including games, video on demand and home shopping.

The news is a boost to 3DO, a relative newcomer to the industry. Until
now, 3DO has concentrated primarily on developing a CD-based graphics
system called Interactive Multiplayer. The new interactive box will be
based on the Multiplayer, which hit stores last week. Unlike many other
computer companies, 3DO does no manufacturing on its own. Instead, it
develops and licenses the animation and graphics system. The first
Multiplayer, for example, is made by Panasonic, and, 3DO says, more
than 400 companies have signed to develop 151 software titles for the

3DO chief operating officer, Hugh Martin, says that the CD titles will
be available to US West to provide a pool of interactive material for
the test. He says other interactive TV tests, including Time Warner's
Orlando test, may suffer from a lack of consumer-tested interactive
material. The early CD offerings will include video games, simulators
and family games that are similar to software available for home

US West has not designated a manufacturer for the new box, nor has it
chosen the exact format for the electronic program guide that will
allow a subscriber to navigate through the available services. Since
many particulars of the box are uncertain, it is not yet possible to
determine how much the units will cost per home, Martin says. The basic
circuitry is the same as the CD-based system, but since it can operate
without the costliest component, the CD drive, it will likely be less
expensive. He warns, however, that the set-top box will require various
cable hardware not included in the Multiplayer, driving costs back up.


Area: AMIGA                                   Date: 21 Oct 93 23:25:45
From: Jonathan Guidry (1:3803/3.4)
To  : All
Subj: A600 - June Bug!

Remember that discussion a while back on the sayings on the Amiga 500/1200
motherboards(Rock Lobster, etc)...?  Well, I opened up my trusty 'ol Amiga
600, and it says Amiga 600 Rev 2B "June Bug" in it.... I wonder what
compels the motherboard designers to think about when they choose these



[Editor's Note:  I hope the following message isn't another one of those
'Crying Wolf' messages that tend to find their way around the nets.  I'm
going to take a chance on it not being one, in the interest of keeping
people informed.  Just take it with a grain of salt until we can confirm
it.  Thanks!  --Rob]

Area: AMIGA                                   Date: 24 Oct 93  3:52:22
From: Nikolai Waldman (1:363/204.100)
To  : All
Subj: Screwed by Bell Canada

 * This message forwarded from area 'NET363'
 * Original message dated 23 Oct 93, from Clay Fugitte

 * Forwarded from "INTERDUCK"
 * Originally by Lavern Hoy
 * Originally to All
 * Originally dated 20 Oct 1993, 23:19

Here is something I captured off another net and am forwarding to this net so
that all SysOps can see what may affect us here in the U.S.,  If Ma Bell is
trying to pull this off in Canada, they sure as Hell will attempt this same
thing on us.  We need to be aware of this and STOP crap like this before it
even gets started.


I M P O R T A N T   N E W S   A   M U S T   R E A D   F O R   A L L


    Bell Canada, the communications giant is planning to charge
ALL modem/fax users with 4800 baud or higher ADDITIONAL fees!
The following text file was captured off ADULTNET, and I encourage
everyone to READ IT, and WRITE TO BELL.  At least, SPREAD the
word, by POSTING this message EVERYWHERE. Capture file opened
20-Oct-1993 04:53p

   Are you aware that BELL CANADA is out to empty your pockets
"legally" and is trying to keep you from knowing about it till
it's too late? All modem and fax users transmitting data at more
than 4800 bps will be forced to purchase the use of a "data line"
instead of just using the regular phone lines. This may surprise
a few, but a "data line" is rented at approx. $60. per month
besides the regular line that you still have to use at $15.

   MA BELL is planning to have a regulation passed to this effect
and is trying to do it fast and quiet before anyone is the wiser.
When this will be accomplished it will be almost impossible to
repeal this regulation. Since most fax & modem users are
transmitting or are planning to do so at a baud rate ABOVE 4800
baud, everyone will be billed, and if you think that you are
immune to this because you don't have a fax or modem or that you
transmit at 2400 baud, think about this; Who do you think will
foot the bill sent by your local merchant who uses a high speed
fax? Cost increases will be passed on to the public.(namely
you...)    "Power corrupts and  absolute power corrupts

   Ma BELL has a monopoly of the phone system and if nobody yells
back, they will use that absolute power to wring your wallet dry.
For yourself and your fellow phone users, don't let this go by
without a word of protest. Phone the CRTC and voice your concern,
let them know that Ma BELL is pushing too far and that you are
aware of the sneaky way they are going about it. Tell them that
this is intolerable and ILLEGAL.

   Call CRTC in Montreal (514) 283-6607 (Mrs Methot is in charge
of this dept.  Or CRTC in Ottawa (toll free) (819) 997-0272 dept
of telecommunications.

   You can also get in touch with Mr Normand Toupin (514)
870-5077 who is in charge of Public Relations at Bell Canada.

   Via FAX you can reach the CRTC at (514) 283-3689

   If the people reached deny knowledge of this, tell them you
intend to notify your local radio & tv about this.

This valuable info was brought to you by: THN SYSTEMS


Area: AMIGA                                   Date: 22 Oct 93 22:51:41
From: Jeff Grimmett (1:202/739.1)
To  : ALL
Subj: AmigaEchoDisk 4!!!! AT LAST!!!!

AT LAST!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh, frabjous!  The AmigaEchoDisk -=Deux=- is finally released!

AmigaEchoDisk 4 is freqable from my BBS, Magic Blue Smoke, at 14400 (v32bis)
as AMYDISK4.DMS.  You may also call and download it from file area 24, file
16.  It is over 600K in size!

Asha already has a copy of the disk, as will Orin.  I have file attached a
copy to Joyce so it should be available at 1:3612/42 as well.

As soon as I get connected to the appropriate area, I will be hatching it out
via the Sky Amiga Network (SAN).  If someone is willing to, it may be hatched
via ADS as well.

Anyone wishing to spare the cost of calling long distance to get the disk may
go the cheap, if slower, route by sending a disk and disk mailer *pre-stamped*
to me at:

            Jeff Grimmett
            3152 Kemper St #5
            San Diego, CA  92110

Those who have sent pix in for this and other disks need not follow this
stipulation... just send me your address and I'll send a disk with thanks for
making the disk work!

A few notes:

We've tested this disk on a 2000HD/020, a 3000/16 under 1.3 and 2.04, a punked
out A2000/PPS040, an A2000/GVP030, a 1200, a 2000 with 1.3, and a 1000 with
1.3.  I think we hit most of the high points with this beta test.  However, if
it does NOT work for you, please let me know.  Have the following information
ready: your system, your OS, and what you did to make it crash.

This disk will self-boot under 1.3 and 2.0, but works best if run along with
an already booted workbench.

The following software was used to create the disk:

      HDClick 2.0: intended as an application to launch tasks
      from a menu environment.  While it WILL let you modify the
      script, be warned that it will CRASH if you modify too many
      things at once.  Save your work!

      SuperView 3.11: fairly old, but servicable, IFF viewer.

      MuchMore 3.20: Very slick text viewer.

      Sound, a small sound player.  Used with permission of the
      author.  WARNING: this has NOT been tested on 040's, so if
      it crashes your system, do not be alarmed.  I will try to
      find a better player for the next disk.  This program is
      powerpacked using PowerPacker 2.30, so if you have problems
      with powerpacker files, just avoid it.

All files are uncompressed and viewable using any iff viewer, text viewer, or
sound player as applicable.

Enjoy yourself, and keep your eyes peeled for disk 5!  Remember, if you
haven't appeared, YOU WILL.  Resistance is futile...


Area: OMAHA_AMIGA                             Date: 22 Oct 93  5:50:12
From: Rick Ethridge (1:285/15.51)
To  : Scoffers
Subj: Not the End for ME!

I'm not amused with those who will so quickly write off the Amiga, or will
forget it's place in computer history. When I see SEAQUEST DSV or BABYLON 5 I
know that the television industry has taken the Amiga seriously. I don't
regret the overtime needed and the gracious help of my wife in getting my
A1000 or A1200HD. I look forward to getting a multisync monitor to bring the
video up to '90 standards. While others may feel that their PEECEES or MACS
can "rule the roost", let them try to MULTITASK ON 512K! Try using a COMMAND
LINE INTERPRETER on a MAC! I can always write my own programs with the 
available PD "C" compilers and shareware programming tools! For serious, 
imaginative computing only an Amiga will do!!!

Rick Ethridge


Area: AMIGA                                   Date: 17 Oct 93 18:14:40
From: Christian Buchner (2:246/65.0)
To  : All
Subj: CD32 commercials on TV - in GERMANY!

Hello World!

I'm  living  in  Germany and have recently bought an Amiga CD32.
Cool machine - but software is still rare.

Today  I  saw a TV commercial for the Amiga CD32 on a private TV
channel  (RTL),  connected with an announcement of the "World Of
Commodore" exhibition in Cologne.

The  TV spot was done like the SNES campaigns:  Some grey-haired
professors who had "developed" the CD32 connected it to the "big
brain".  The brain played a 3D arcade game and finally exploded.

Quite  a  silly  storyline,  don't  you  think  either?  ;-) The
commercial  was  shown  in the afternoon, right before "A-Team".
Just when all the kids are sitting in front of their TV.

Seems   that  Commodore  finally  took  the  step  towards  more
aggressive   advertisement  campaigns.   Let's  hope  they  will


From Delphi's Amiga SIG

19832 27-OCT 23:45 General Information
     RE: CD32 & C= (Re: Msg 19745)
     From: MICHAEL86    To: 16BITTER (NR)

Sega had a hand in splitting the console market with Nintendo... According to
Forbes Magazine (Oct 25, '93) Sega started as the gnat on the windshield in
1989.  Sega Genesis: 1 million customers... Nintendo: 30 mill.

Tom Kalinske, in his early 50's now as the US chief of Sega, convinced his
Japanese bosses to drop the Genesis price from $199 to $149, and got close to
Electronic Arts.  Sega took lower royalties from developers... 15% below
Nintendo' way of encouragement.  Then he started a daring marketing
plan.  Three years later, said Forbes, Sega was close to a tie w/Nintendo in a
$5 billion market.  Nintendo dropped from 90% to 50%, while Sega went from 7%
in 1990 to 50% today.  Kalinske spend $125 million on marketing last year.

Kalinske set out to make Sega Genesis the "cool" machine, with tie-ins with 
Coke and the Lifesaver Co.  He pushes the image more than the machine, and 
plans to spend $250 mill this year to do it.

If you don't think image marketing is powerful, check out the color-blind dog
commercial for Game Gear, poking fun at the Gameboy green screen!

Kalinske just doesn't stop... He just hired away Nintendo's marketing 
specialist for the 6-to-14-year-olds categoy where Nintendo is still ahead. 
Cable's Sega channel will cost approx $12.5/mo for customers to choose among 
50 games for download.  Forbes says that 50% of the potential mrkt could pop 
Sega Channel's revenue to almost $700 mill for 1994.

Irving Gould should issue lots of new stock and use it to lure Tom Kalinske 
his way...