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                          DELPHI ANNOUNCES ITS
                           '93 UPLOAD CONTEST

As promised, beginning November 1st through November 30th, the Delphi Amiga SIG
will hold an upload contest. Winners will be determined by the person uploading
the most bytes of data during this month. There will be a 1st, 2nd and 3rd place

winner. All participants must comply with the rules below for your uploads to

Rules and Regulations

  1.  All uploads MUST contain the folowwing text file in the archive
      for the upload to count towards the contest.


      This file is in the RECENT UPLOADS area for all to download.
      Any file not containing this file WILL NOT count towards the

 2.   DO NOT upload duplicate files!  All files will be checked against
      our existing database

 3.   If you program has a version number, include it in the group
      name or description .

 4.   Include KEYWORDS.  If you file is called "VIRUS CHECKER 1.2",  You
      should include VIRUS, CHECKER, 1.2, as keywords. ALWAYS include
      part of the name of your group as a keyword. (even when we are
      not running a contest)

 5.   ALL files MUST be compressed! ONLY .LHA, .LZH, or .DMS files
      will be accepted!

 Files not conforming to these rules will be removed and not

 All files will be moved to "RECENT Uploads" until the end of Novemember

          1st place     up to $60 software package of you choice

          2nd place     up to $40 software package of you choice

          3rd place     up to $30 software package of you choice

Helpful Hints

    We are missing a handful of Fred Fish files.. You might fill in
    this gap.

    We also are behind on newer versions of many programs.. Uploading
    a newer version counts towards you byte count!

    Looking for original Files?  I run a BBS in NJ called the
    T.B.P. Video Slate. (201) 586-3623. Its LOADED (900meg) with
    original stuff. Instant access, D/L on first call.
    Sorry for the shameless plug for my BBS, but since the prizes
    are coming out of my pocket, I should get SOMETHING out of
    it :-)   Some new users would be just fine.

On a final note.

   If the turn-out is good for this contest, I will have ALOT of files
   to download and check; For this reason, some files might not be
   moved until the next day.

   Due to this, Uploads will be handled on first in, first to get
   credit! There is a good possiblity for 2 people to be uploading
   the same program at the same time. Delphis' database works on
   time and date, so I will know who uploaded a file first. Sorry
   but the second person will not be credited for the upload.