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/// From the Editor's Desk                        "Saying it like it is!"

I guess you could say it's officially fall, huh?  I mean sure, the actual
season is here, but the weather is finally starting to agree with the
season.  Of the years I've been in Omaha (I spent four years here before
while in the Air Force), this is the first 'real' autumn I can remember.
It usually went from being dreadfully hot to being dreadfully cold.  But
the past several weeks have been rather pleasant.

Halloween is this Sunday.  All Hallow's Eve is a time celebrated for many
years, and treated with much disdain by many of the more religious faiths,
feeling that celebrating it is flirting with certain disaster.

But this isn't a regligous publication, at least not in that sense.  Our
religion is the Amiga faith, and this Halloween, I'm going to dress up as
one of the scariest things I've ever dreamed of -- A Microsoft employee!

I wish everyone the happiest of holidays, and with a stab at being
'politically correct,' I have to say, DON'T DRINK AND DRIVE.  You might
spill your drink!  And heaven help you if you stain your seats... ;)

                                 Rob @ AR