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From Fidonet's Amiga International Echo

  Well just so everyone knows in the business section of the Washington
Post there is a story on the CD^32. It is fairly long and speaks of C= in
a possibly possitive light (Basically C= is not dead yet, but could be if
nothing happens). Here is the first paragraph, so you can get an idea...

                        Commodore's Entertaining CD Player
           CD32 Is a Game, Video and Adudio Machine Rolled Into One

        Commodore, the company that once dominated the home computer-market
in the United States only to let that position slip through its circuits, has
quietly introduced a remarkable home-entertainment device that could take the
country by storm - or languish on store shelves.
        It could go either way for teh CD32 because Commodore can't - or
won't - spend more than pocket change to promote the device.

Anyway it goes on from there but my typing is not the greatest in the world,
so I guess it is up to you to find the article if you want to read this. It
is the second week in a row that the Amiga's have been mentioned in the
Washington Post (Last week it was basically Amiga's are still the best at
multimedia if you can find one. This was a paragraph in a story about

                                        Rob Morton


Area: AMIGA                                   Date: 15 Oct 93 18:57:00
From: Rich Koster (1:396/36.0)
To  : All
Subj: End of Poll

The poll has come to an end, asking Amiga users on various echoes if
they would pay for new games and productivity software made by Disney
if they were to decide to come out with more in the future.

The number of responses was quite low.  I have decided to not pass
along the names and responses of those taking part, but have instead
informed Dave Arnspiger of Disney Software what the numbers were.
If any of you responding are upset that I'm not passing your comments
along, remember that you always have the ability to write to Disney
yourself personally.

     Question: More support and/or buy more Disney productivity?

     No: 1          Maybe: 1          Yes: 29

Here on the Amiga echo, someone was interested in knowing if the
IBM version of Disney's The Animation Studio had ever been upgraded
and if it would get more updates in the future (this was asked
because the Amiga version has never been upgraded).

Dave Arnspiger responded to that question this way:

 DA> There are some plans to do an upgrade to the IBM version.  I don't
 DA> think that includes the AMIGA version, but I am not privy to those
 DA> high level issues.
 DA> There have been several bug fixes and one upgrade
 DA> to IBM DAS and all that did was add support for Windows.

Thanks to one and all who took part in the poll!

Rich Koster, amiga.moderator.aide


Area: AMIGA                                   Date: 14 Oct 93 19:25:11
From: J. Moore (1:229/15.0)
To  : All
Subj: Amiga Sighting

I just got back from seeing The Phantom of the Opera at the Pantages in
Toronto (this is not a small-time production) and whaddayaknow -- there
on the sound board setup was a C= 1084 monitor.  Looked down and there
were a couplea Amigas.  They use 'em to handle the sound -- even got a
mention in the program.  Didn't get a chance to ask what
hardware/software they use.

Also the local computer newspaper, Toronto Computes, has a two page
article on Commodore's Gould and Haig and their troubles with the
Commodore Shareholders' Movement.  Plus Robocop (the TV series) is in
production here with 3D graphics by Lightwave.