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Prime Mover from Psygnosis


     Prime Mover


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     Psygnosis Ltd.                 Psygnosis Ltd.
     675 Massachusetts Ave.         South Harrington Building
     Cambridge, MA 01239            Sefton Street, Liverpool L3 4BQ
     USA                            United Kingdom
     Order Line:  (800)438-7794     Tel: +44 51 709 5755
     Tech Support:(617)497-7794


     Prime Mover is a motorcycle racing game.  The game's playability
     sets it apart from all others.  Prime Mover has been painstakingly
     developed to provide a unique computer racing experience.

     Developers at Psygnosis have dedicated considerable research time
     into isolating the factors that make racing games so playable -
     factors such as fluid graphics, cornering, and reducing 'stumbling'
     (the amount of time spent floundering on off-track grassy sections).


     o Five unique motorcycles with individual performance characteristics
     o Race in 12 different countries
     o 3.7 Megabytes of graphics
     o 18 Soundtracks
     o Fluid 50 frame per second animation


     o Any Amiga model with at least 1MB RAM (512K CHIP or greater)


     $49.99 US Suggested Retail Price
     The full game is available from Amiga dealers worldwide.
     Prime Mover can also be ordered directly from Psygnosis.

     Prime Mover is a commercial product
     Copyright 1993 Psygnosis, Ltd.

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