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                              Authors wanted!

We are putting together a new disk magazine. Everyone interested in 2D & 3D 
graphics and animation on Amiga are welcome to send in their reviews, tips, 
tutorials, images, objects, ARexx scripts, etc.

The aim is to give everyone who sends their material in exposure (please 
include your contact address and a note about what you do)  The magazine will 
be distributed in NTSC-compatible format so that people on both sides of the 
pond can read it without problems.  We'll be also publishing a freely 
distributable collection of images in JPEG format on Amiga, PC and Macintosh 
disks.  They'll contain text files describing images and ways to get in touch 
with their authors. We plan to put them into PC and Macintosh PD libraries to 
spread it all over the place.

Please note that the magazine will be distributed on electronic networks, via 
PD libraries etc. and we cannot guarantee that your copyright will be 
respected.  But you _should_ include copyright notice anyway.

Please submit material via e-mail or on 880K disks only.

                         Send your submissions to:

                              Jacek Artymiak
                      Department of Civil Engineering
                            University of Leeds
                                  LS2 9JT