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/// Amiga Ramblings
    by Robert Niles

Well since I couldn't think of anything *real* to talk about I thought I'd
make you suffer through a bit of my charming wisdom, and plain common sense.

OK, I'm done.

Naw, not really. For those of you who followed my articles on using the
InterNet through email, I need to make a correction...if you haven't figured
it out yorself already. On the InterNIC's WHOIS (tm) function, send it to .....not to My boo-boo, I'm
sorry. Just got a little happy with the fingers :)

OK, who went out to buy the Emplant (tm) yet? I really don't know why I would
want to get another platform to run on my Amiga...but it sure would impress
the friends eh? Really though, something like that would really open up the
doors. Didn't like the Amiga version of Wacky Space-out Warriors (tm)? Well 
get the MS-DOS (tm) version instead! Blamo! Now you got 30 trillion colors on
your screen! Not that you can see more than...what is it...somewhere between
1 and 500,000? I'm sure I'm close. But really...(I keep saying that)
have a computer...that runs other computer software...all nice and neat, is
something worth-while. I was in a conference with someone last night...he
has another computer that isn't supported very well. Well he said something
like, "...if I'm going to fork so much more money on another computer...I 
want support" if the concept of running, oh say, five or six
different computer systems on your Amiga (tm) is not supportive enough. Well, 
ya got an ego problem.

Remember that column that we were running in AR (?m) a while back...what was 
it called...."Tip of the Week (tm)"? Ever wonder why you haven't seen it 
lately? Me too! Well, I really can't say that you all are interested in "How 
to use the CLI(c?)" articles....but if you have any ideas about something you 
would like to see, shoot it my way. As I'm just be-fumbled on what to write 

As you haven't noticed!

Well I'll let you go recuperate, but If I'm in a bind next week...

....well, we'll just have to do this again!