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/// From the Editor's Desk                        "Saying it like it is!"

I was watching Beyond 2000 on The Discovery Channel last Tuesday afternoon,
and saw something rather interesting.  They were running a story on Virtual
Reality.  A company called "W" Enterprises was creating cyberspace simulations
for doctors, architects, and even doing some games.  The narrator said that
they were using "Commodore's Amiga computer" with additional chips for
graphics.  There were pictures of somebody inserting IC's on a motherboard,
but I'd say they looked a lot more like RAM chips than anything else.
Besides, it'd be kinda hard, I bet, to add more custom graphics chips to
the machine unless they're talking about a custom board (like a Retina or
EGS Spectrum).  It's nice to know the Amiga is still a forerunner in the
design of new technology.  The PC hasn't taken over completely!

I'm still being haunted by the remark two issues ago about there being a
"bug" in DLG.  Let me rephrase that.  Instead, I think the word, "inconsist-
ency" would be more appropriate.  So please forget I said anything about a
bug. ;)

Now, a special note... we've lost an Amiga Report Distribution Site.  The
Dead Fish BBS has been taken down.  Below is the letter I received in E-Mail
the other day:

    #1          19-OCT-1993 14:03:18.67                                  NEWMAIL

    From:   IN%""
    To:     IN%""
    Subj:   Remove

    Would you please remove me as an amiga report distribution site, and 
    perhaps stick in some where in amiga report that the dead fish is dead. 
    Let them know I am taking the BBS down because the Amiga community no 
    longer exists in my area. Or just remove my name and be done with it :).
    My UUCP email will still be active.

    Cya on the nets!

    And thanks for bringing Amiga Report to the Amiga community.

We're really sorry to see him go, but I can certainly understand that if
there are no Amiga callers to your board, there isn't much point in having
it.  Again, we're sorry to lose you!

Oh, another note before I forget.  Our Internet Mailing List guy, Bob Caron,
is going to be offline for a while for a move from Massachusetts to Kansas,
so anybody wanting on or off the list, please get your requests in now.
Otherwise, it may take a few days to a week or more for your request to be
processed.  Thanks!

                                 Rob @ AR