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/// Delphi Conference:  Jim Drew from Utilities Unlimited

RNILES> OK, we'll go ahead and start the conference...
RNILES> Ok....first We have tonight...
RNILES> Jim Drew from Utilities Unlimited....
RNILES> the makers of EMPLANT.
RNILES> Jim...first off how about a little about yourself and Utilities

.Jim Drew> Well, Utilities Unlimited, Inc. is about 8 years old.  We 
	first started in the C64 business (remember those)?
	We got into the Amiga market in '89 with 'Super-Card Ami', a 
	disk copier.. had bad dealings with ReadySoft over SYBIL and 
        EMPLANT was born.  :-)

BONAJDROVSKY> Jim, I have a couple of questions... 1st, how soon till 

.Jim Drew> Well, v3.2 is due out soon... we are out of version numbers, 
        so we don't have much choice!  :-)

BONAJDROVSKY> second, I seem to have some problems with empscsi.device...
        lockups with big files? are you planning to release a new 
        version soon?

.Jim Drew> No.. we don't see this problem.  You need to check 'GAL3' on 
        your EMPLANT harware...
        It will be indentified by having a white label with 
        'P3-XXXX-Y'.. where 'XXXX' is a date code, and 'Y' is a model
        number.  In your case, the model # is either a 'B' or 'C'.
        The date code needs to be '5092' (50th week of 1992) or later.
	If it isn't, contact Utilities Unlimited for an upgrade. 

BONAJDROVSKY> My EMPLANT is very new... got it 1.5 weeks ago.. I don't 
	think it's outdated gal. Finally, I have a Q about the IBM 
	emulation module.  I understand that it will be memory intensive.
        .. how big PC with 8 megs of FAST?
.Jim Drew> I will not be answering any questions about the IBM emulation.
  	At this point, I have instructed our office to provide no 
	information about it until it is ready for shipping.

BONAJDROVSKY> ok, thanks. that's all for now.

.Jim Drew> As far as your SCSI problem, the only possibility left is
	termination.  Make sure that the LAST SCSI device is terminated 
	and NO other device is...
  	If you are still having problems after you are sure that the 
	cable is ok, and the drive(s) is/are terminated properly, then I
	would send the board back to us for a replacement.

TODDA> Is the Emplant coming out for the A1200?  <I have more to ask>

.Jim Drew> Yes.

TODDA> Okay, what port will it use, and will I need an accelerator?

.Jim Drew> No, you can use the stock A1200.
.Jim Drew> It will be PCMCIA based.

TODDA> Thanks!  That's it.

KALEM> Jim, just how compatable is the system with the MAC line for 
	everything from word proccessors to games?  And what about the 
	SNES and GENISIS emulation?

.Jim Drew> BTW, the unit will also work in a PCMCIA port on a different 
	computer for the ports.
.Jim Drew> Well, compatibility is great.  We demo PhotoShop, Quark 
	Express, QuickTime movies etc.  We know of one program that won't
	 ever work.. Apple's own Disk Copy program...
.Jim Drew> we could fix it, but it breaks all of Apple's own rules and 
	nobody really uses it anyways... they use DiskDup+ and other PD 
.Jim Drew> No information is available at this time (to even us) about 
	the SNES and GENESIS emulation modules.. we are not writing them.

KALEM> Sorry, thought I saw it somewhere.  DONE

.Jim Drew> There will be SNES and GENESIS emulation modules, it is just 
	that we (UUI) are not writing them... two companys in Germany 

KALEM> OOOH! thank you

RNILES> OK while we are waiting for some more hands....What can the 
	Emplant emulate...and what is being possibly planned for the 
	future of emplant?

.Jim Drew> MAC. :-) .. PC (386/486), Apple ][+/e (we did demo this one 
	at WOC in Pasadena), Atari 400/800, C64/128, etc, etc.  a bunch 
	of stuff... and other 3rd party companys are taking interest in 
	writing modules too... so, EMPLANT will really be taking off.

RNILES> Haha...that's good to hear!! OK...grumpa you're next

.Jim Drew> Well, the 8 bit emulations will be free to customers.. PC 
	will $99.95.

GRUMPA> Can you tell us why anyone would ewant other paltform emulation?  I
	ahvnt got time to run Amiga programs
GRUMPA> much less other stuff

.Jim Drew> Well, the MAC has some serious application software packages... 
	the best in the world...
.Jim Drew> ..many people don't have enough desk space too.
.Jim Drew> ...but...
.Jim Drew> ... big reason is money... even production studios in 
	Hollywood (I deal with these people daily) are on tight budgets...

GRUMPA> Well, in my case, for every meg of hard disk space I would 
	dedicate to other platforms, it cripples my Amiga

.Jim Drew> ...ever price a Quadra with all of the goodies?  Spendy.  
	Besides, there is that nastalga thing. :-)
.Jim Drew> 'Cripples' is probably a poor choice of wording.  You are 
	giving your Amiga the power it needs to keeping it alive...

GRUMPA> Can EMPLANT emulate a QUADRA?...

.Jim Drew> ...the Amiga could die if something is not done to expand it's
.Jim Drew> Yes, EMPLANT's MAC emulation is a 'generic' MAC.  This means 
	that it is ALL MACs made.  The speed is dependant on the 
	processor you are using...
.Jim Drew> A3000=MACIIci and A4000=Quadra 700.

BONAJDROVSKY> Since DiskCopy does not work, can you suggest another 
	method of writing .image files to a disk?

.Jim Drew> Use DiskDup+.  It is much faster, and more reliable.  Apple's
	Disk Copy program does work with the MAC emulation for READING 
	disks, just not writing them.

BONAJDROVSKY> Could you elaborate more on the clipboard support, and 
	multiOS file system that you mentioned on 

.Jim Drew> Well, the Amiga's and the MAC's clipboard will be shareable..
	that is, you can cut and paste between the clipboards...
.Jim Drew> ..the multi-osFileSystem and multi-os.device will allow ANY 
	Amiga user (even without EMPLANT) to read and write MAC, IBM, 
	and Atari ST disk formats.. this includes...

BONAJDROVSKY> sounds HOT!  FInally, I have the GVP EGS Spectrum.. will 
	you support 800x600 mode soon?

.Jim Drew> ...hard drives, diskettes, etc.  The way it is designed, you 
	can add a new DOS type by simply changing the 'datatypes.library'.
	So, adding support for OS/2's filesystem is very easy.
.Jim Drew> No.. you can not use 800x600 at all.  I explained this on
.Jim Drew> The EGS and Piccolo boards won't make 832x624 screens... only
  	800x600... the MAC can't use this size.

KALEM> Jim, I saw that the Emplant was available for around 400(?).  But
	without any BIO chips.  So, 1) Is it worthless right out of the 
	box?  2) What kind of price will I be spending to get MAC-II 
	System-7 compatibility? (on a stock A1200)...

.Jim Drew> You would need a set of ROMs (or a ROM image if you already 
	own a MAC II/x/cx machine), and the MAC system software (which 
	can be downloaded from various FTP sites).

KALEM> price?

.Jim Drew> The A1200 version will retail for $299.95 and will include 
	both a SCSI interface and a dual serial interface.
.Jim Drew> ROMs can be purchased at various prices...

KALEM> What about things like analog joystick and cards?

.Jim Drew> shop around.. we have had customers pay as little as $90, and
	as much as $650.
.Jim Drew> Analog joysticks for what?

KALEM> Sorry, I think a PC question slipped in there :)

.Jim Drew> :-)  :done:


.Jim Drew> System requirements for MAC emulation:
.Jim Drew> 68020 or 68030/040 with MMU (no, the 020 does not need an MMU)
.Jim Drew> At least 4 megs of FAST ram (32 bit memory preferred), and 
	MAC 256K ROMs..
.Jim Drew> ..and of course, you'll need the MAC system software.


.Jim Drew> Unknown... it varies for the different pieces.

.Joe> Hello Jim, Joe Slayton from Baltimore Md. here. Are there any 
	hardware revisions coming out soon that we should wait on before

.Jim Drew> No.. the only change we ever made to the 'hardware' was a 
	change in the SCSI handshaking logic, and that was done last 
	December.  I am not making any changes to something that 
	works.  :-)

.Joe> Does the emplant require any more power from the supply than is 
	usually there?

.Jim Drew> No, we use ultra-low power components... real low in fact.  
	Our custom logic uses about the same about of power as a 
	standard LED...

.Joe> great! no new power wupply
.Joe> about the floppy emulation...

.Jim Drew> Also, the board is very well buffered... I never turn the 
	power off before removing or inserting an EMPLANT board in my 
	system.  :-)

.Joe> will a apple floppy be the simplest solution?

.Jim Drew> Apple floppy?

.Joe> drive emulation

.Jim Drew> Ah.. well, it depends what you are doing.  If you have HD 
	floppy drive, you can read/write MAC HD disks...

.Joe> I read that there was some song and dance required to use the 
	amiga floppy

.Jim Drew> ...if you have low-density MAC disks, you will need either 
	SYBIL (which we do not sell anymore... thank you Japan), or a 
	drive interface and MAC drive.

.Joe> oh, ok...that is what I meant . No problems with using a mac 
	floppy drive.

.Jim Drew> More like a really bad waltz.  :-)  The MAC floppy drive 
	(low density) has variable speeds. :done:

CABRALC> Hi JJim, how come the Mac roms arent  included with the package?

.Jim Drew> Because we don't want to get involved with that.  I am sure 
	Apple is not happy as it is. :done:

BONAJDROVSKY> Jim, since you don't sell SYBIL any more, what will be 
	replacement for it, and when? How about the support for the PD 
	Mac floppy interface?

.Jim Drew> We support the PD MAC floppy interface now.  Yes, we will 
	have a disk drive (MAC) interface replacing SYBIL that is 
	similar to the PD hack.
.Jim Drew> The release date has not been set at this time.
.Jim Drew> :done:

BONAJDROVSKY> Also, about what you mentioned earlier... the EGS can do 
	ANY resolution between 320x200 and 1600x1280. It simply has to 
	be defined. Could you provide a driver for 832x624 so that we 
	can define a mac screen for it?

.Jim Drew> Well, we *tried* to define the screen size of 832x624, but the
  	EGS.library does NOT permit this size to be opened.  I am going 
	to have to talk to the programmers in Germany (again) about this.

KALEM>   Me again :)  Is there a relese date on the A1200 Emplant or is 
	it out already?  Is it SCSI or SCSI-II?  Does it run on WB? Does
	 it play well with other programs (multi-tasking)?

RNILES> <grin>

.Jim Drew> There is no release date set for the PCMCIA version of EMPLANT.  We
  	are having problems getting the PCMCIA connectors...
.Jim Drew> It is SCSI-I as is the EMPLANT now.. however, the controller 
	is capable of moving 1.75 megs a second quite easily.. so I don't
	see a problem with speed... yes, it multitasks just like the 
	current EMPLANT MAC emulation.
.Jim Drew> ..and you can use the SCSI interface for the Amiga side. 

.Alan> i was told that there where a lot of problems getting the emplant
  	to work i was wo was wondering if this is ture.
.Alan> i ment true?done.

.Jim Drew> well, yes and no.  I think a lot of the problems were due to 
	our documentation...
.Jim Drew> ..we now have a nice 3-ring binder style documentation, and 
	that has ended our problems with installation. :-)


.Alan> ok.

.Jim Drew> E)electronic M)icro-P)rocessor L)evel A)miga N)ative T)ask
(above was an answer to, "What is EMPLANT"

NWASTE> What would a 486 emulation cost?

.Jim Drew> $99.95.  You need no ROMs (we wrote our own BIOS).

NWASTE> Including Emplant?..

.Jim Drew> No... that is an emulation 'module'.  The EMPLANT system 
	retails from $279.95 to $399.95 depending on the options you want.

NWASTE> What are these options? done

.Jim Drew> BASIC board - $279.95, OPTION 'A' (dual serial ports w/BASIC)
	- $349.95..
.Jim Drew> OPTION 'B' (SCSI interface w/BASIC) - $349.95, DELUXE (serial
	 & SCSI w/BASIC) - $399.95.

RNILES> Jim: Can these serial ports and such be used on the Amiga side?

.Jim Drew> Yes.  You can use the SCSI interface and/or the serial ports 
	on the Amiga AS WELL AS with an emulation module... even at the 
	same time.

.Joe> Did I read earlier that the GVP spectrum is supported? and is there
	a preferred video board recommended by Emplant.

.Jim Drew> GVP's spectrum is supported... I don't have an official 
	opinion at this time.  Commodore has asked me to review the 
	various video boards and choose which board they will base their
	RTG standard on.  I would like to be fair and judge all boards 
	made....before going to Commdore with my opinion.

.Joe> I was wondering, I am really interested in getting this setup, but
	the Retina board doesnt work with games on the original moniotor.

.Jim Drew> I guess I do have an opinion... don't get a Retina board for 
	use with EMPLANT.  It was the first board we supported and is 
	_by far_ the slowest. Games are unplayable using it.

.Joe>  Thanks much!...the spectrum looks good on the ad...I hope maybe
	this will be what I need for the Emplant..and 256plus colors

BONAJDROVSKY> Will Mac 3.2 support Amiga internal Parallel port? If not, when
  can we expect support for it?   (Note to .Joe:  My EMPLANT works 
	wonderfully with the Spectrum 28/24 it's FAST!)

.Jim Drew> No, v3.2 will not include Amiga parallel or serial support.  
	There is no release date set for this support.
.Jim Drew> ...BTW...
.Jim Drew> ...Amiga parallel and serial support now takes the place of 
	the sound support (bottom of the list of things to do).. but who
	knows, maybe it will magically appear like s

(Jim lost carrier here)

RNILES> ooopss...looks like we lost him...we'll wait a bit and see if he gets

BONAJDROVSKY> bummer, that's the only way to print for me, but I'd rather have
  32 bit clean first. Also, I have problems with using 14.4 kbaud modem in the
  emplant serial port. not DSR. Any suggestions? (I'm using a Mac cable.)

.Jim Drew> OK... I'm back
.Jim Drew> I got bumped... weird.

BONAJDROVSKY> ok I have problems with using 14.4 kbaud modem in the 
	emplant serial port. not DSR. Any suggestions? (I'm using a Mac 

.Jim Drew> Yes, you can't use ANY HIGHER BAUD than 2400...period.  We 
	did not write the serial driver.  It does not support handshaking 
	at all.

BONAJDROVSKY> will you rewrite it, Jim?

.Jim Drew> I need to look at that code and add handshaking support.  On 
	the MAC side, I lock my modem at 57,600 without any problems and
	get better CPS rates than my A4000.

XIS> hello,do you know what the landmark or norton rateing is on your 
	486 emulator? done

.Jim Drew> Like I mentioned in the beginning of this conference, I am not
  answering any questions concerning the IBM emulation...
.Jim Drew> ..not until it is officially released.  Sorry. :done:

XIS> ohh I'm sorry

KALEM>   Jim, what is all this talk about boards?  Ok, IF I buy an A1200,
	the Emplant (when it comes out), the 99.95 486 (that you wrote).
	Then what else do I need to use programs and play games?
KALEM> If that is a PC question then I am done.

.Jim Drew> For the MAC emulation (included with ALL EMPLANT systems), you
	will need MAC 256K ROMs, and MAC system software.. and of course,
	any software you want to run...
.Jim Drew> The PC emulation requires no ROMs, just MS-DOS software.

DENM> I was just wondering how long you had to work on Emplant before 
	you were convinced or could convince others that it was possible.

.Jim Drew> About 15-20 minutes.  :-)
.Jim Drew> ... for myself..

DENM> :)

.Jim Drew> ... people *still* don't believe it when they see it.. We had
	one of our MAC IIx machines sitting right next to an 
	A3000/EMPLANT.. system at WOC.  People were looking for another 
	MAC under the table, and cables coming from the MAC sitting there
	connecting to the A3000.  :-)

DENM> I'm done. Thanks.

.Joe>  Jim, What is the story on sound support?, is there any? and will 
	that affect sound from a Mac cdrom player hooked up to Emplant

.Jim Drew> yes, there is full STEREO sound support.  You can play 
	QuickTime movies with sound, games, etc... just like a MAC.  No 
	adverse affects on anything.

.Joe> This is sounding better every minute...
.Joe> Any discount for Delphi users.? heh,heh.  DONE

.Jim Drew> :done:  ;-)

BONAJDROVSKY> Jim, since it's patented, I'm sure you won't mind answering
  	this... :-)  how did you get the multitasking to work in 
	supervisor mode? (I'm interested in the tech aspects)

.Jim Drew> By re-writing all of the code.  Basically, once RsrvMem37ii is
  	running, you are now running on OUR multitasking system.. it no 
	longer uses the Amiga's own routines.
.Jim Drew> ..basically, the Amiga's routines forbid multitasking while in
  	Supervisor mode...

BONAJDROVSKY> are you talking about the Exec's scheduler itself?

.Jim Drew> fact, they make sure you can't!  So, by re-writing the 
	OS stuff to support task switching while in SuperVisor mode *AND*
	while our emulation is running...
.Jim Drew> .. we can multitask our emulation.  No, not the task schedule
	routines.. the task switching routines themselves.

BONAJDROVSKY> hmm.. that's what I suspected. Very slick. I was blown away
	when I first saw my Ami and Mac run at the same time. :done:

.Jim Drew> Thanks. :-)

RNILES> Jim: I just want to make sure on this...the Emplant is being sold
	in Europe with the Amigas correct?

.Jim Drew> Well, there is a deal going through right now with Commodore 
	UK that will provide an EMPLANT system and a 3rd party video 
	board with every A4000/040 sold...
.Jim Drew> ..this same deal is in the works right now with Commodore US 
	and CEI.

RNILES> Ah...that's good to hear...possibly with the A4000s here also?

.Jim Drew> Yes, possibly.  We are hoping so.. that would mean 40,000+ 
	units a month in the US.

RNILES> CBM is selling 40,000 units a month here in the US?

.Jim Drew> Of the A4000, yes.

RNILES> Ahhh...I like to hear that!

.Joe>  Jim, there has been alot of talk about a4000's...
.Joe> will my a2000 68030 8meg ram be ok?

.Jim Drew> Yep.  I have an A2500 (2630) with 4 megs of 32 bit memory and
	2 megs of 16 bit memory.. it works great!  :-)

.Joe> Oh, ok....hey...notice you guys are making the other emulator makers
	look like real goofs...DONE

KALEM> I still don't understand the use of the video board. ???  What is
	 it for?

.Jim Drew> Well, the MAC has the ability to run in 256 colors, 32000 
	colors, and 24 bit colors.
.Jim Drew> The Amiga (with exception of the AGA machines) is not capable
	of anything higher than 16 colors.
.Jim Drew> HIRES mode. :done:

KALEM> won't the 4000 (1200) do that?

.Jim Drew> AGA machines can do the 256 color mode, but nothing higher.

XIS> Jim do you mean that with your emplant I won't need a 24 bit true 
	color board?

.Jim Drew> Well, yes, you would need a 24 bit board if you wanted 24 bit
  	graphics.  The EMPLANT hardware has no video capabilities itself.
.Jim Drew> We you like me to ASCII-send a complete info sheet?

XIS> yes done

.Jim Drew> I think it will look a bit odd, but you could always cut out 
	the wraps..
.Jim Drew> Ok.. I will prepare it...
.Jim Drew> Ready?
.Jim Drew> Here it goes....

Updated June 26th, 1993

EMPLANT received class B FCC verification August 24th, 1992.

Information reguarding the product "EMPLANT" from Utilities Unlimited,
Inc.  This information is freely re-distributable and may be used in
any form as long as the contents are not altered.

           What is EMPLANT?

EMPLANT is a hardware/software product that is designed to allow the
emulation of virtually any computer using the Amiga.  A simple  software
driver and ROM(s) from the computer to emulated are all that is required.
Features and software compatibility will depend on the software driver.

           About the hardware

The hardware holds the key to emulation speed.  Every effort was made to
make the hardware virsatile enough that we should never have to upgrade
it to handle the emulation of forth comming computer systems.  For this
reason, we have included components that may never be used, however,
this does insure the fact that we are prepared for the future.

The MAC series of computers, although different from one another, share
the same basic technology.  We can replicate this technology by emulating
the MAC's custom chips through a reliable hardware system.  All timers,
interrupts, and clocks are handled on a hardware level so that speed is
identical (or even faster) than the real computer being emulated.

Support for custom EPROMs, static RAM, and SIMM modules makes our hardware
compatible with all existing methods of storing a computer's operating
system.  This versatility also allows us to create adapter boards if some
new method of OS storage becomes available.  The EMPLANT hardware has four
empty 32 pin ROM/RAM sockets provided for use with operating systems that
are stored in DIP format (such as 128K MAC+ ROMs are).  These sockets
can also be used to store your own utility software in EPROM format. We
plan to release a utility package that will be literally "at your
fingertips".  Another option is to fill the four sockets with static
RAMs, giving you up to 2 megs of extra RAM that you could write protect and
make auto-booting, which would be handy for floppy-only customers.

The hardware comes in two forms: a plug in card that occupies one of the
Zoro II/III slots on your A2000/2500/3000, and a plug in card that fits on
the expansion bus on your A500/1000.  For the A500/1000 version, there is
a pass-thru that allows you to plug in your existing equipment.

The Apple Nu-Bus expansion ports are not emulated through hardware because
they are now RAM-based device drivers which operate faster than a MAC's own
hardware.  We will be producing NuBus adapter sockets that allow the
use of standard MAC NuBus products to work in a Zoro II/III slot.



The MAC serial port is not emulated, it is duplicated - using the exact same
standard dual high speed serial interface IC.  Apple Talk is completely
supported through this port like the MAC, via a 8 pin mini-din connector.
This dual high speed serial port can be used on the Amiga side as well,
allowing the connection of two serial devices operating independantly.
Communication speed on these ports are a maximum of 230.4K baud, which is
the speed at which Apple Talk runs.  Maximum modem speed is generally
limited to 57.6K baud.


A simple, autobooting SCSI controller using NCR53C80 high speed
controller IC.  Capable of pseudo-DMA transfers up to 1.1 megs per second.
Support for up to 7 SCSI devices including CD ROMs, tape backup units,
and hand scanners.  This SCSI interface can be used on both the Amiga
side and the MAC side, independantly or simotaneously.

           About the MAC II emulation software


Up to 16 colors can be displayed using the standard OCS/ECS Amiga video
output, and up to 256 colors can be displayed when using an AGA capable

Full color can also be emulated with various 8bit and 24bit video boards.
Support for the Retina, Merlin, Picasso II, Piccolo, EGS-28/24 Spectrum,
and Rainbow II video boards allowing up to 16 million colors to be
displayed!!  We are currently working on drivers for other video boards.

Full STEREO sound is supported through the Amiga's audio outputs.

ALL emulation modules created for the EMPLANT system will share one
very important feature...they will multitask with the Amiga's
environment.  That's right, just pull down the MAC screen, or flip to the
back with LEFT-AMIGA-M/N and you still have complete access to your
Amiga! ...and the MAC stays running at full speed!  Speaking of speed,
a 25Mhz A3000 runs the emulation at exactly twice the speed of a *real*
 MAC IIx computer!

The MAC IIx emulator software is relatively simple since the majority of
the emulation is done on a hardware level, giving both better compatibility
and equally important, emulation speed.

The software reads the MAC ROM SIMM module that is installed on the EMPLANT
board, dumps the ROM image into a block of memory, and patches the image
to run on your Amiga.  One intelligent move on the part of Apple was to
define "global" variables for their operating system.  This makes it
relatively simple to move the code around without a lot of hassles.
Since the MAC IIx is a 68030 based machine, it has a AMU or PMMU to map
memory into various locations.  Using a 68020/30/40 with an MMU allows
virtually 100% compatibility when running MAC software on the emulator.
Another big advantage of having a MMU is the tremendous speed increase
of the video display drivers.  The MAC's video data is in 'CHUNKY'
format, and the Amiga's video data is in 'PLANAR' format.  These two
formats are completely different, so the emulation converts the MAC's
video data into data that the Amiga's display hardware can use....all
in real time, thanks to the MMU.

Support for virtually ANY SCSI device such as hand scanners, Ethernet
cartridges, hard drives, SyQuest units, Magneto-Optical units,
DATs, film recorders, CD-ROMs, etc. is provided via the EMPLANT's
SCSI port.  You can also use AmigaDOS formatted devices (which
become MAC formatted by the emulation).  Amiga devices such as
hard drive partitions, recoverable RAM drives (RD0, RAD, VD0, etc.),
and MS-DOS partitions can all be used under the emulation.  Up to
14 different devices can be used at the same time.

The MAC 400/800K disk format is emulated by using the already successful
SYBIL hardware package.  High density (1.44mb) floppys are supported via
the CBM 1.76mb drives.

           Future emulation

Since the EMPLANT's hardware is so versatile, a completely new and
different computer can be emulated by just changing the emulation
software patch and the ROM(s).  MAC QUADRA, Mega ST, and IBM AT
(386/486) emulators are planned in the future.

           Price and availability

Current retail price for the basic EMPLANT system is $279 + shipping.

Basic EMPLANT system with High speed serial ports/Apple Talk support
is $349.00 + shipping.

Basic EMPLANT system with high speed SCSI interface is $349.00 +

Deluxe EMPLANT system with both high speed serial ports/Apple Talk
support AND high speed SCSI interface is $399 + shipping.

All EMPLANT packages described above come with the MAC IIx emulation
software and necessary device drivers.

The EMPLANT systems are shipping now, however, we are in a back order
situation with shipment priority based on the order date.

* Product specifications and prices are subject to change without notice *

To be placed on a mailing for more information, please contact
Utilities Unlimited at:

1641 McCulloch Blvd. Suite #25-124
Lake Havasu City, AZ  86403

(602) 680-9004  Orders Only
(602) 453-6407  FAX
(602) 680-9006  Technical Support
(602) 453-9767  24 hr support BBS


GEnie:  j.drew2

..Robert> OK...everyone use your buffers there!
..Robert> Thanks for the info!

.Jim Drew> Yikes... please ignore the part about the 'Quadra emulation' planned
  	for the future.  As I stated, our emulation is now ALL MACs made.

BONAJDROVSKY> Jim, in my EMPLANT manual, I read that the SIMM socket can be used
  	for foreign processors. Could you give us a hint to the possibility of 
	any HARDWARE based emulation modules?

.Jim Drew> well, it is possible.  We have nothing planned at this time, however,
	I did not want to leave the hardware un-expandable.

..Robert> OK, one more question from whomever

.Jim Drew> I have a comment..
.Jim Drew> The next release of our emulation (v3.19) will have something
	that we have been missing for quite some time, and possibly the
	only advantage to having AMAX in the past...

.Jim Drew> We have now included bi-directional file transfer ability 
	built right into the emulation.  You can transfer data from 
	anywhere to anywhere...

.Jim Drew> .. for example, I am able to move files from a MAC connected 
	to my A3000/EMPLANT system via AppleTalk to my A1200 system 
	connected to the A3000 via Parnet.
.Jim Drew> There are no headaches that deal with MACBinary files...
.Jim Drew> we handle all of the conversion for you.  Speaking of 
.Jim Drew> In v3.2, there will be conversion modules for the MAC 
	emulation's file transfer system.  These modules (information 
	will be made available publically so you can write one yourself)...
.Jim Drew> .. will let you convert data AS IT IS TRANSFERRED.  For 
	example, you will be able to convert fonts, pictures, and even 
	sound samples... or ANYTHING else you might like!  One MAC 
	company is going to port their screen saver...
.Jim Drew> ...program's animations using this method.. converting their 
	format to ANIM format.  Just wanted to let you guys know... v3.19
	will be available on our BBS (and GEnie, Portal, etc.) on Sat.

..Robert> Hahaa...this thing sound super!!

KALEM> What is YOUR dream ideal setup for using the Emplant.  To get THE
	MOST out of it!

.Jim Drew> Well, the ideal setup (in my opinion) is an A3000 with 16 megs
	of memory and a Piccolo video board... but, I do like other 
	systems too... especially the 33Mhz 040 board for the A3000.  :-)

KALEM> The AGA computers are not in your future?

.Jim Drew> Well, I have two A4000s... so, I am definately into AGA... but,
	you asked what the best arrangement is..

.Joe> Thankyou for all your help Jim and the informed answers...I cant 
	wait to get one. Bye everyone. Joe.

KALEM> Thank you VERY much.  And have a good night.  DONE

.Jim Drew> .. The A3000's are cheap right now... and you can buy an A3000
	and a video board for less than an A4000/030!

.Jim Drew> 'nite Joe.

Phew! That's the conference!

I would really like to thank Jim Drew for coming to the conference
and letting us have the chance to ask him these questions.

Emplant sounds like something that belongs in an Amiga!

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                        Reprinted with permission.