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From Usenet's Comp.Sys.Amiga.Misc Newsgroup

Newsgroups: comp.sys.amiga.misc
From: (Fred Fish)
Subject: Sneak preview of first monthly CD-ROM
Message-ID: <>
Organization: Amiga Library Services
Date: Fri, 8 Oct 1993 05:29:26 GMT
Lines: 191

     Sneak Preview of My First Monthly CD-ROM Disk
   (Fred Fish -- 10/7/93)

Because I am getting close to the point of being ready generate the master
for the first monthly CD-ROM, I figured this was a good time to let people
know what it's status is, and provide a sneak preview of what the disk can
be expected to contain.  I don't expect any major changes at this point, so
this information ought to pretty accurately reflect what the actual CD-ROM
will contain.  There's a lot of info in this message, so here is a quick

    * This first CD-ROM represents the efforts of two people working
 almost full time for more than a month.

    * I've moved, so I have a new address and phone number.

    * I'm expecting to have shipable CD-ROM's about Oct 20th or so.

    * The CD-ROM will contain the contents of floppy disks 600-930.

    * The CD-ROM contains 84Mb of new material, 150Mb of useful tools
 including gcc 2.4.5, emacs 18.59, PasTex, etc, and 404 Mb of
 material from old floppy distributions.

    * All of the source to the supplied GNU binaries is provided and
 has been personally used by me to build the supplied binaries,
 using the GNU compiler on this CD-ROM (except GNU emacs).

    * You must order *now* if you wish to reserve a copy.

    * The next monthly CD-ROM will be due out about the last week
 in November or the first week in December.


Because I had to spend a couple weeks at the end of September moving to a
new residence, my schedule for the first monthly CD-ROM has slipped by
about that amount.  I'm currently projecting releasing the master to
production about Oct 15th, and having shippable CD-ROM's shortly after
that.  I've been told it should only take a few days to do the actual
CD-ROM production.

Note that my address and phone number have changed.  The new contact
information is:

 Amiga Library Services
 610 N. Alma School Road, Suite 18
 Chandler, AZ  85224-3687

 voice/FAX:  (602) 917-0917


The current structure of the CD-ROM closely follows the initial concept for
the monthly CD-ROM's, being divided into roughly three sections: (1) New
material, which includes the material from the new unreleased floppy disks
as well as material which does not appear in the floppy distribution, (2)
useful utilities that can be used directly off the CD-ROM if desired, thus
freeing up the corresponding amount of hard disk space, and (3) older
material from previous released floppy disks or CD-ROM's.

The portion of the disk dedicated to new material that I've not previously
published on a CD-ROM or floppy disk is 84Mb, broken down as follows:

  7Mb Archived (bbs ready) contents of disks 911-930
 16Mb Unarchived (ready-to-run) contents of disks 911-930

 21Mb Archived "new material" not in floppy distribution
 40Mb Unarchived "new material" not in floppy distribution

The portion of the disk dedicated to a bunch of useful tools like GNU
utilities, TeX with lots of fonts, and other interesting software that will
be updated on a monthly basis, is 150Mb, broken down as follows:

   3Mb Reviews of Amiga software and hardware
          4Mb Full BSD source for supplied BSD executables.
   8Mb Binary executables, libraries, and other "runtime" things.
  10Mb Runtime support stuff for GNU emacs and GNU C/C++
  14Mb Distributions of various small utilities and libraries.
  33Mb PasTeX source, fonts, binaries, etc.
  78Mb Full GNU source for supplied GNU executables.

The portion of the disk dedicated to old material is 404Mb, broken down as

 257Mb Unarchived contents of floppy disks 600-910.
 147Mb Archived (bbs-ready) contents of floppy disks 600-910.


Here are the current GNU distributions which are included in both source
and binary form.  In most cases, they are the very latest distributions
ftp'd directly from the FSF machines and compiled with the version of gcc
included on this CD-ROM.  I have personally compiled all of the GNU
binaries supplied on this CD-ROM, to verify that the compiler (version
2.4.5) is solid and that the binaries are in fact recreatable from the
supplied source code.

bc          diffutils flex     grep make      tar
binutils    doschk gas         gzip patch     termcap
bison       emacs gcc          indent perl    texinfo
cpio        fileutils gdbm     ispell sed     textutils
dc          find gmp m4        shellutils     uuencode
Here is an "ls -C" of the binary directory which can be added to your path
to make all these utilities usable directly off the CD-ROM, once it is

AD2HT        bc        doschk      indent     paste       test
ARTM         bison     du          info       patch       texi2dvi
AZap         brik      echo        install    pathchk     texindex
AmigaGuide   bsd-make  egrep       ispell     pr          touch
DiskSalv     bsplit    emacs       join       printenv    tr
ExpungeXRef  c++       env         ld         printf      true
Installer    cat       etags       lha        protoize    unexpand
LHArc        chgrp     expand      ln         ranlib      uniq
LHWarp       chksum    expr        locate     rm          unprotoize
LoadXRef     chmod     false       logname    rmdir       uudecode
MKProto      chown     fgrep       look       sdiff       uuencode
MuchMore     cksum     find        ls         sed         v
NewZAP       cmp       flex        m4         sh          vdir
PerfMeter    comm      flushlibs   make       size        wc
RSys         cp        fold        makeinfo   sleep       whoami
SD           cpio      g++         mg         sort        xargs
SuperDuper   csplit    gcc         mkdir      split       yes
SysInfo      cut       gccv        mkfifo     strip       zcat
WDisplay     d         gdir        mknod      sum         zoo
Xoper        dc        grep        mv         tac
[            dd        gunzip      nice       tail
ar           diff      gzip        nl         tapemon
as           diff3     head        nm         tar
basename     dirname   id          od         tee


Because this is the first monthly CD-ROM, there are no previous monthly
CD-ROM's from which to replicate new material from previous months.  I've
elected to use the contents of floppy disks 600-910 to fill that portion of
the CD-ROM.  The next monthly CD-ROM will contain the new material from the
first one, which will squeeze out a substantial number of the older disks,
probably 600-700.  Then the next monthly after that will contain the new
material from both of the previous monthly disks, squeezing out another
batch of older disks, etc.


If you wish to reserve a copy of this first monthly CD-ROM (and get the
lower price for preordered copies) you must order *now*, since your order
must reach me before I have to tell the CD-ROM production house how many
CD-ROM's to cut.  Orders received after that will be filled on a first come
first served basis from the extra CD-ROM's produced, and those few CD-ROM's
will cost 50% more.

The current pricing for preordered copies is $19.95 per CD-ROM plus $3
shipping and handling to USA/Canada/Mexico, $5 shipping and handling to
other destinations via small packet airmail.  For orders received after the
master disk is released to production about Oct 15th, the price is $29.95
per CD-ROM, with the same cost for shipping and handling as preordered
CD-ROM's.  You can FAX in an order to (602) 917-0917 if you wish, and pay
with VISA or MasterCard, but there is a $50 minimum on such orders because
of the way I have to process them.

If you want copies of the 6 page description of the CD-ROM distribution
that was posted previously to comp.sys.amiga.announce (and has been
slightly updated) send me email and I'll email it back to you.


Getting this first CD-ROM out was a lot more time consuming than originally
anticipated.  Because of this, not everything was done on this CD-ROM that
I wanted to get accomplished.  Since there is still lots of leftover work
to be done for the next CD-ROM, it is anticipated that it will follow about
5-6 weeks after this first one.  Eventually, after two or three CD-ROM's,
the distribution will stabilize to a monthly interval.



From FidoNet's Amiga International Echo

Area: AMIGA                                   Date:  9 Oct 93 21:22:11
From: William Jones (1:348/706.0)
To  : All
Subj: READ THIS!'s some interesting news.
A few months back, I purcased a game called Lemmings II.  Now, I know I could
have got a pirated copy, but I feel I should support the software houses that
support the Amiga.  The least I can do, I feel.
So I recently exchanged my A1200 +HD, for the one I owned previously had
occassional weird flickers in DBLNTSC, which I thought were normal until I
found out otherwise from fellow 1200 owners.
So what is the point of my story?
When I went to install Lemmings II to my hard drive, IT ERASED ITSELF.
It read "Icon x, deleting install, deleting".
And the game will NOT boot off of floppy.
I can see this as NOTHING but an attempt to "punish" a user who tries to
install the program on multiple computers.  But what of my situation? And of
my right to switch computers daily, deleting and re-installing Lemmings II on
an hourly basis, between my new A1200s?  An absurd case, but as long as it is
on one single computer, I see how this cannot be anything but my right.
So what it comes down to is this.  I BOUGHT a program for $70 CDN funds, and I
cannot back it up (the floppies), AND, it can only be installed once. 
There should have at least been a warning that the program would delete itself
if you attempted a second install.  How on EARTH was I supposed to know?  To
not even TELL me it would do that is beyond comprehension.  
I now have NO working copy of Lemmings II.

Thanks Psygnosis.  Assh*les.


Area: AMIGA                                   Date: 11 Oct 93 19:07:11
From: Grant Cormier (1:229/15.0)
To  : All
Subj: *** ADF Meeting Notice **

*** X-Post Warning ***

SUBJECT:Toronto Showing of CD32, Picasso II and DPS PAR
Xref: portnoy comp.sys.amiga.advocacy:68959 comp.sys.amiga.misc:40442
From: (Mark Rickan)
Subject: Toronto Showing of CD32, Picasso II and DPS PAR
Message-ID: <>
Organization: UTCC Public Access
Date: Mon, 11 Oct 1993 20:59:24 GMT
Lines: 38

 Toronto Area Showing of CD32, Picasso II and DPS PAR

If you live in the vicinity of Toronto, ON and would be interested in
one of the first public showings of three of the most exciting new products in
the Amiga market, you are invited to attend the November meeting of the Amiga
Developers' Forum (ADF).

On Sunday, October 17th at 7:30 PM the group is pleased to present the

     o the Amiga CD32 console and MPEG expansion module (CBM)
     o the Picasso II graphics adaptor (Expert Services)
     o the Personal Animation Recorder (Digital Processing Systems)

Representatives from the respective companies will be on hand to demonstrate
these products and answer any questions.

While this meeting is traditionally directed towards members of the
community, we would like to extend this invitation to anyone interested in
joining us for the evening. Because seating will be limited however, we would
appreciate it if you could respond to this message via e-mail to confirm that
you will be coming.

     (Please forward all replies to

The meeting will be held at the following location:

     Film Clips/Progressive Distributing
     25c Mallard Rd. (Yorks Mills & Lawrence)

All those who express interest in attending will be mailed a map to clarify
location. Please plan on being punctual.



*** End of X-Posting ***

Hi Everyone,

            Just thought I'd clear up a few details on this, First, that's
Toronto, Ontario, Canada, and Second, you can also E-Mail myself if you need
to attend as well and I will pass along your name to be added...


From FidoNet's Amiga Tech Echo

Area: AMY_TECH                                Date:  5 Oct 93  0:17:00
From: Keith Burby (1:120/414.0)
To  : All
Subj: Amiga/Toaster Sighting

I was watching last Thursday's (September 30) episode of "The Rush Limbaugh
Show" while reading my latest QWK bundle when I noticed something
interesting.  About 20 minutes into the show, after the commercials ended
and the show came back on, the logo came up in the lower left corner
followed by (suprise, surprise) the Video Toaster fade of the woman with the
wand that I've seen so often in an area Amiga dealer.

Hats off to Multimedia Inc. for their taste in computers.

As always.


From the local Omaha echo on FidoNet

Area: OMAHA                                   Date:  7 Oct 93  3:27:34
From: Mike Riddle (1:285/27.0)
To  : All
Subj: EFF Advisory

For those "into" "adult" files and .GIFs:

           //////////////     //////////////     //////////////
         ///                ///                ///
       ///////            ///////            ///////
     ///                ///                ///
   //////////////     ///                ///
EFFector Online Volume 6 No. 2       10/1/1993
A Publication of the Electronic Frontier Foundation   ISSN 1062-9424

                        In This Issue:
***VERY IMPORTANT***  Critical Files to Remove from Your BBS

[ munch ]

***VERY IMPORTANT***  Critical Files to Remove from Your BBS

EFF has learned that the following graphic image files have been the
subject of a recent federal indictment alleging receipt and possession of
child pornography and transportation of obscene materials through
AVOID LEGAL REPERCUSSIONS.***  Please distribute this message widely and

Alleged child pornography files:


Alleged adult obscenity files:

Shari Steele
Director of Legal Services
Electronic Frontier Foundation
1001 G Street, NW
Suite 950 East
Washington, DC  20001
202/347-5400 (voice), 202/393-5509 (fax)