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/// From the Editor's Desk                        "Saying it like it is!"

The next generation of video game wars is on!  The 3DO is officially out,
the CD32 is out in Europe, and due out anyday now in the US, and Atari's
Jaguar should be appearing in New York, Los Angeles, Dallas and London
real soon now.

If the marketing of Commodore's and Atari's' entries are any good, the
3DO won't have a prayer.  How does a $699 machine compete with a $399
CD32 and $199 Jaguar ($399 after you add the optional CD ROM drive)?
Both Atari and Commodore have signed some good names to make games.
Interplay, a well-known game maker that had signed up for 3DO develop-
ment, took a look at the Jaguar and its developer documentation, and
quickly declared the Jaguar to be superior to 3DO in every respect.
Word has it that they may not even be a 3DO developer anymore.

While the CD32 isn't as advanced as Atari's 64-bit RISC-based Jaguar,
or Panasonic's 32-bit RISC-based 3DO, it has the advantage of (1) a
reasonable price, and (2) a standard CD ROM drive.  This means that it's
likely to be the machine of choice for MPEG movies.  Just add the optional
MPEG board, and you're ready to watch all those movies that are being
ported to the compact disc format.  I think owners of laser disc players
are going to be upset when their format is abandoned in another year or
so.  <g>

This week is Chad Freeman's birthday (Happy Birthday, Chad!), so he's
taken the week off from his A.M.I.G.A. column.  Jason Compton has also
decided to take a break this week, so our big treat is the conference with
Jim Drew on Delphi, the maker of Emplant.

That's it for this week!

                                 Rob @ AR