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/// From the Editor's Desk                        "Saying it like it is!"

Remember the friend I mentioned a few weeks ago that was selling out for
a PC system?  Well, he got it, and he's on the verge of selling his A4000.
But he's not completely nuts.

Okay, get up off the floor and stop laughing.  Here's why... he just bought
and installed OS/2 v2.1 on his shiny new Dell Dimension XPS 466V.  To quote
him, "OS/2 is like AmigaDOS with ten years of improvements by a top-notch
design team."  Sounds like a winner, huh?  So, in short, if you find 
yourself needing a PC for whatever reason, and you dread dealing with DOS 
or Windoze, check out OS/2.

Okay, let's get back on topic.  I didn't mean to bore or scare anybody with
PC talk.  I just couldn't think of a better way to open this editorial. <g>

Well, my netmail problem has been fixed and I can now reply to messages.
However, one individual, who shall remain nameless, took the comment that
DLG had a bug personally.  I got a rather nasty note in netmail saying that
it was uncalled for, and that I owed the Amiga community a big apology.  I 
don't think so.  As I recall, I said:

>A note on Netmail.  I have been receiving quite a bit of Netmail through
>FidoNet lately.  I wanted to let people know that the system I call for
>this mail is having trouble with outgoing mail (actually, it's a bug in
>DLG I'm told), so I have been unable to respond.

Is that a slam on DLG?  No.  It's the statement of a fact, right?  That's
what I thought.  I _like_ DLG.  A lot.  So where does casually mentioning
the existence of a bug considered slamming?  Beats me.

But anyway... I heard today that the 3DO is out.  Reports have it that
Babbages is carrying it.  I'm going to have to head over there tomorrow
and check it out.  I sure hope the CD32 makes it out soon, so people can
see that a $400 unit can equal or surpass a $700 machine.  IF the thing is
marketed properly.  IF.  Let's all cross our fingers.  If it fails, I
guess we'll all be buying PC's in a year or so.  <shudder>

A lot of people have said to me, "Hey, you put out a really cool magazine!
Amiga Report is awesome!"  I love hearing that, but without our staff and
contributors, we wouldn't be the great magazine that everybody enjoys.
I want to take a moment to recognize the people that make Amiga Report
possible.  Robert Niles, our Technical Editor and AmigaGuide expert does
a great job in getting each issue ready in short time, and still finds
time to write some really great articles.  Chad Freeman has been doing his
A.M.I.G.A. column for several months, and it's great.  His humor is 
bizarre, and adds a lot of character to the magazine.  Jason Compton and
his articles on emulation have been a nice refresher from the steady diet
of Amiga-only articles.  For the last few weeks, Dan Zerkle has kindly
allowed us to reprint his World of Commodore reports that he has been
posting on Comp.Sys.Amiga.Announce.  And last, but certainly not least,
a big thanks to all the people that write the reviews found on Usenet's
Comp.Sys.Amiga.Reviews newsgroup that not only take their own time to
write fine reviews and make them available on Usenet, but also for
allowing us to print them to allow even more people to benefit from their

In other words, without a great many people, Amiga Report would not be
possible.  I started it with the desire to bring current news and in-
formation to the Amiga community, but a large part of AR's content comes
from the Amiga community.  A great big thanks to our contributors!

                                 Rob @ AR