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From Portal's AmigaZone

.../General Q&A, Announcements, and Help!/Looking for a faster modem?
16026.3.603.1 Try this one: $99
9/29/93 15:46 46/2046 Harv

I ordered the LineLink 144e modem from Mac Warehouse on Tuesday
this week. They told me it was out of stock and they expected a shipment
in soon. This morning (Thursday) half an hour ago it was delivered to
my front door. Total cost $99 for the modem plus $3 for Airborne
Express overnight shipping.

The modem's box was securely packed in a larger outer carton.

I was shipped exactly what I ordered and received it in perfect
working condition in a very timely manner. mac Warehouse's phone
order takers were courteous and did not leave me on hold for long
periods of time.

The modem itself is a white metal box, not very fancy or
pretentious looking, about 6" wide, about 8" deep, about 1.5" tall
with five LEDs on the front panel. The rear has the standard
RJ11 phone and line jacks, a standard RS-232 female port, a small
power switch, and a hole into which one plugs the small AC power

Included is a 30 page manual, a disk with Mac terminal software,
a Mac serial cable, and the AC power brick.

I unplugged my old modem, used the same Amiga serial cable I've been
using since 1985 to connect the modem, connected the power brick,
ran Baud Bandit, dialed in and here I am.

All things considered I would rate this purchase as a excellent
bargain, and rate Mac Warehouse as an excellent company with whom to
do business (I have absolutely no affiliation with them whatsoever
and I've NEVER bought anything from them before).

I don't know how long they intend to keep selling this modem for
$99. At that price it represents an absolutely incredible bargain
and if you've been slogging along with a 1200 or 2400bps modem
waiting for the price of 14.4K modems to come down to a reasonable
level, your wait is now over.

Call Mac Warehouse and order one of these. They're at 1-800-255-6227.
The modem's order number is BND0249. They take all major credit
cards and again, Airborne overnight express is $3 additional.

Again, I have NO connection with Mac Warehouse at all except I am
now an extremely satisfied customer.



From FidoNet's Amiga International Echo

Area: AMIGA                                   Date: 25 Sep 93 23:21:38
From: Jeff Grimmett (1:202/739.1)
To  : All
Subj: Amiga Echo Disk -=Deux=- Status Report

Well, I hear the masses clamoring for news on AmigaDisk 4, like maybe when it
will finally be out... right now, I have a basic problem with it: so far, I
have yet to find a suitable distribution method and player!  Isn't it amazing,
here we are on THE multimedia machine, and yet I'm having trouble here...

Originally, I planned on using Impulse's Foundation 2.1.  It had the virtue of
being paid for, something dear to my heart.  I put together a sample disk and
started testing it out.  I found out several things:

   1. The player itself is over 500K!  AUGH!
   2. The player does NOT like 512K chip ram systems.
   3. The player does NOT like A1000s.
   4. The player seems to do OK with 3.0 and AGA.
   5. Can't put buttons on HAM pics.  Small but annoying.

OK, sez I, I've been considering Scala.  I borrowed it from my former roomie
and found out the following:

   1. Fantastic program!  Well worth the $300 except...
   2. To my dismay, the player requires a dongle!  NO freely
      distributable player!!!

Scratch ScalaMM.

Now, I'm about to buy a copy of DeluxeVideoIII.  I used to own it, it worked
well, and did everything I wanted it to do on my 3000.  I can get it CHEAP. 
It comes with a freely distributable player, and I think the transfer util is
also redistributable. If so, this will make installation a snap for everyone,
too.  My only real worry is AGA and AmigaDOS 3.0.  We'll see in a very short
time.  I plan on sending a sample disk to Asha and have her try it out on her
friend Dawn's machine (a 1200) to see if it works.  If it works, I can have
disk 4 out the door in a week or less and disk 5 will be right on its tail.  I
plan on hatching these disks via the Sky Amiga Network for widest

Now, the question remains:  if DVIII doesn't work, what then? CanDo was used
for the original disks, I beleive.  Perhaps someone has a used copy for sale? 
I am NOT rich, and can't afford to buy it for just one project, which is more
or less why I would buy it.  The current licensing agreement for the player is
a bummer, too.

OR:  I am willing to entertain other suggestions.  Is there a PD or shareware
util for coordinating such things?  Remember, it MUST be 1.3 friendly!  I
figure around EchoDisk 10 we can drop that requirement, but for now we still
have a few 1.3 holdouts, so we have to consider them.  Otherwise, I'd already
have a player assembled using ToolManager 2.1 :-)

This is very frustrating.  I have the titles, the credits, and the title
screen all done.  I have pics.  All I need is a presentation tool.

Figured everyone would appreciate a status report.  Thanks for your
contributions, everyone!  OK, here's the info for those who don't know:

            ____   ____   __  __  ______
           / ___) / ___) / / / / / __   )
          / (_   / /    / /_/ / / /  ) /
         / ___) / /    / __  / / /  / /
        / (__  / (__  / / / / / (__/ /
       (_____)(_____)(_/ (_/ (______/
              ______  ____   ____    __ __    ________
             / __   )(_  _) / ___)  / // /   (_  __  _)
            / /  ) /  / /  / (___  / // /     / / / /
           / /  / /  / /  /__   / / _  <     / / / /
          / /__/ / _/ /  ____) / / / / /   _/ /_/ /
         /______/ (____)(_____/ /_/ /_/   (________)

(__  __)
  / /
 / /
(_/hat's  right  folks,  time once again to get your XapShots and
digitizers  out  and create a photo of yourself to be distributed
throughout the known universe!

The  idea  behind  the Amiga <Echo> Disk is this:  we have here a
community  of  words  and phrases formed by personalities that we
have  no way of attaching to an actual face.  The Amiga Echo Disk
is  a  collection of such 'photos' in IFF format, viewable on any
Amiga  throughout  the  land.   This gives you a good idea of who
you're "talking" to.

The  first  set  of  EchoDisks  contained  a  pic  of Asha in her
infamous  bustier, Yours Truly redeaux in one fairly tame and one
fairly  bizarre interpretation, Orin amidst his creations, people
posing  with thier computers, people walking past the camera, and
other  more  creative pics.  Along with each pic were text-format
bios  of  the person (self-authored) and some even had extra pics
or  sound  samples  (Jeff  Johansen's  Workbench, for instance --
out-a-sight!).  The disks were distributed as a set and driven by
a CanDo deck, usable on any Amiga.

Now,  almost  a  year  after release, we are once again gathering together
pics, sounds, and sights related to the people that form this, the AMIGA echo!


Easy!    Send  your pics to myself or to Orin Palmer (criteria to follow along
with addresses)


Preferably,  pics  should be in IFF format, HAM included.  If you
don't  have  a  digitizer  handy,  a  snapshot  will do -- we can
digitize   and   return   these   pics.      IFF-24's  and  other
high-res/high-color  pic  formats  are  acceptable,  but  will be
reduced down to HAM.


Hey,  it can be a simple pic of yourself at the family picnic, or
you  can  get  way  out gonzo creative!  I've seen some excellent
pics that were done with the original subject and then enhanced in
some  way.   Put yourself in an Imaginary scene, in the middle of
your  workbench,  or your face on Arnold Schwarzenegger's body --
just have fun!

Additionally,  sound  samples of your voice, favorite sound byte, or whatever
can be integrated into the disk.

Along  with  all  this,  please  include  a  self-written  bio or
introduction  to  yourself.    It  doesn't  have  to be long, nor
flashy, nor witty, just write what you feel like writing.


If  you're  reading  this,  you're in!  Just because you're not a regular
doesn't mean you don't count!

Also,  just because you were on the first disk collection doesn't mean you
aren't welcome the second time around!  Time has passed! People change!


IFF's  and  HAM  pics  should be sent to myself, either as a file attach to me
at 1:202/739, or via Snail Mail to:

                          Jeff Grimmett
                        3152 Kemper St #5
                      San Diego, CA  92110

24-bitters,  XapShot disks, video tapes, flat pics should be sent to  Orin
Palmer either as a file attach to 1:202/739.10 or via US Snail to:

                           Orin Palmer
                       540 Naples St. #28
                     Chula Vista, CA  91911

Suggestions  for  the Amiga Echo Disk <Deaux> are appreciated, as well  as
questions on unclear parts of the "official" AmigaDiskII blurb (what you're


All for now!