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	Perfect-Link BBS


	Version 1.0


	Alan Berney - Wild Rabbit Productions


	Wild Rabbit Productions
	Avenue de France 98
	1004 Lausanne
	Tel & Fax: ++41-(0)21-648.36.74
	BBS & Fax: ++41-(0)21-648.36.74
	EMail    :


	A new "polymorphic" ANSI BBS package for the Amiga.


	The main feature of this BBS software is that it is 100% online
	configurable.  The sysop may create his own structure of menus,
	choosing himself the keys to press, which makes each BBS unique and
	"polymorphic".  There is no need to compile menus. Everything is
	built-in, available even on terminal nodes, and very easy to use.

	One "novice" can start a new BBS "from scratch" in less
	than 1 hour.

	The menus are created in a tree-like structure.  The
	SYSOP chooses the keys and links them to one of the 28 functions
	available. Each key has its own access level for reading and

	Other nice features are:

	Multi-users, multi-nodes, 100% editable online, 10 sets of texts
	for multi-language support, 95% of the system texts editable,
	4 sets of access levels, supports SigOps, Icons for each user,
	two text editors: in-line and full screen, over 160 special codes
	for text files, supports AREXX with many features, supports XPR
	libraries for file transfers, supports high speed transfers,
	ability to send E-Mail without logging on, ability to receive
	news without logging on, editable icon for each user, ability to
	chat from the WorkBench, ability to edit the access level & time
	left of the user, log-off the user, all this by clicking on the
	user's icon, and add some files for transfer by putting the icon
	of the file into the user's icon, plus most of the features BBS
	usually have.

	French version only. English version pending.
	Printed French user manual.

	Demo version without handling the serial device also available.


	Any Amiga
	Workbench 2.04 or higher
	1 Mb RAM or more suggested
	Hard disk recommended
	Hayes compatible modem (AT command set)


	Commercial version: $170 (CHF: 250.--) + Shipping & Handling

	Demo version      : Shipping & Handling only


	Available only from:
	Wild Rabbit Productions
	Avenue de France 98
	1004 Lausanne

	Tel & Fax  : +41-(0)21-648.36.74
	BBS support: +41-(0)21-648.53.32


DiskExpander V2.1 Announced




        version 2.1


        Jaroslav Mechacek & others


        DiskExpander is a brandnew tool which may DOUBLE the capacity of
        your hard disk and your floppy disk(s).

        DiskExpander is a program which multiplies your
        "virtual" disk space. It does so by compressing each file during
        writing (in real time). If you access the file later for
        reading, the file gets decompressed at once.

        After installing DiskExpander, you will be able to continue
        your work without making any changes to your environment. Unless
        you change the configuration of DiskExpander you will never again
        have to restart it manually.

        DiskExpander uses the XPK standard (by Urban Dominik
        Mueller & others) and lets you choose the most
        suitable compressor, e.g. (just two of many included XPK
        compressing libraries):

        Method  Packing  Unpacking   Packing  Unpacking   Compression
                Memory   Memory      Speed    Speed       Ratio
        FAST      92 KB       0 KB  426 KB/s   1048 KB/s        32.7%
        NUKE     192 KB       0 KB   35 KB/s    613 KB/s        45.2%

        (statistics from the standard XPK Benchmark System
         [A3000/25 with SCRAM, AmigaVision being packed])

        You can use any XPK compressor library. DiskExpander doesn't
        even need to have the XPKMaster.library (for reasons of memory
        consumption). All actions of DiskExpander are fully transparent.
        You will notice only a very slight delay during file operations.
        You don't have to worry about your files. If files are already
        better packed (e.g. lha-packed files) DiskExpander won't pack
        these once more.

        There are also some tools in the DiskExpander package. Namely:

        * DEStatistics which gives you the proof how your files
          have been packed and which compression libraries have been

        * DevicePacker which helps you to pack or unpack entire
          directories, partitions or even entire hard disks/floppy
          disks. It can be also useful to convert files which have
          been packed with an obselete compression library and pack
          them with a more sophisticated compression library.

        All programs have a graphical user interface but can also get
        started with command lines.

        DiskExpander is a carefully tested program. There have been
        hundreds of testers worldwide.


        none - ANY Amiga and Kickstart/WB

        (There are some libraries which may require more than 512K memory!)


        International   (English GUI and manual)         US$ 49,-
        Release date: Oktober, 1st 1993

        German Version  (German GUI and manual)          DM 69,-
        Release date: available now!

        Dutch version   (English GUI and Dutch manual)   FL 89,-
        Release date: Oktober, 1st 1993


        DiskExpander is a commercial product. You may buy it at
        your next dealer or order directly from

           Stefan Ossowski's Schatztruhe
           Gesellschaft fuer Software mbH
           Veronikastrasse 33
           D-45131 Essen


        Dealer inquiries are welcome.


        DiskExpander is copy protected. That means you have to
        personalize your copy during installation. After that,
        the copy-protection won't disturb you!