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Gateway Computer Show -- Amiga Show in St. Louis!

The Gateway Computer Show will be held on Oct. 23,1993 at the
Machinist Hall at 12365 St. Charles Rock Rd. in Bridgeton, Mo.
from 11:30 am to 5 pm.  This will be the first "Amiga" computer
show held in the midwest for many years.  It is sponsored by
the Gateway Amiga Club, Inc. with the support of Soft-Logik
Publishing Corporation.  We have a nice selection of companies
coming to display their wares.  We hope you will show your
support for the Amiga by coming to the show.I'm sure you will
enjoy it.

Any questions? Call Bob at (314) 739-5181 (recorder on line)

Or contact Barry Holloway -  Portal:   BarryH

Map to Machinist Hall and surrounding area.  Bridgeton is located
just northwest of St. Louis.  The closest major intersection to
the hall is Interstate 70 and Interstate 270.

      St. Louis    |                      /
      Airport      |  CypressRoad        /<--St. Charles
                   |       |            /    Rock Road
         |         |                  /
         |<-Natural|Bridge Road      /
         | Hwy 67 (Lindbergh)      /   Hwy 67 (Lindbergh)
         | Fee Fee Rd.           /
         |  McKelvey Road      /
    Shell|___________  Target /
    GAS  |MACHINIST         /
         |HALL ---> X    X<---Rax Rest.     The Gateway Computer
         |              X<---Wallgreens     Show is being held
         |               /                  at MACHINISTS HALL,
         |    Mark Twain /                   12365 St Charles
         |      Bank  X /                    Rock Rd.  There are
         |             /                     restaurants in the
         |    Knights /X Long John Silver    area. Knights Inn
         |     Inn X /                       & Holiday Inn are
         |          /X Casa Gallardo         nearby & indicated
         |         /                         on this map.  MAP
         |        /X Jack in the Box         IS NOT TO SCALE.
          Ground/X Shoneys                  THE TOP OF THE MAP
          Round/X Taco Bells                DOES NOT INDICATE
            X /X Ponderosa          |       NORTH, IT'S EAST
          X  /                      |       Please do do not
   McDonalds /____X <-Steak & Shake  |       park in Target lot.
            /                      I-70      Plenty of free
     ______/_________ I-270 _________|____   parking is available
          /                          |       in front of and
St.      /                          |       behind Machinists
Charles /           Olive                   Hall.
Rock-->/        X<- Garden Rest.
Road  /      __________________ X<-Holiday Inn
                Penridge    X
     Boenker-->         Bob Evans Rest.

A partial list of companies that will be represented at the show is
listed below.  We are still working on some last minute
arangements with some other companies.

Heifner Communications - They will be showing the Video Toaster
Cozzy and a new program called Pegger.

Soft-Logik - Will be showing PageStream 3.0 as well as Art
Expression and TypeSmith.

Myriad Visual Adventures - Showing Video training tapes.

Cedar Computer Center - Showing various HP printers.

W. Schiller and Company - Showing various video related products.

Lab Software - Will be selling various public domain software

A-Z Computers - Selling various computer and computer related

Digital Imaging - They will put any picture you bring with you on
disk on a mouse pad for you for a very reasonable price.

First Light Productions - They will be showing off Auto Paint.

Amiga Crossings - Will be there with there Amiga Crossings

ASDG - Will have a representative there showing off some of their

TRSL - Will be showing off Charts and Graphs

Gateway Amiga Club - will be giving away free magazines and
newsletters.  There will be a mini theater showing the latest
videos courtesy of Amiga World Magazine.  This is also where the
guest speakers will talk.  Also if you have any used items you
would like to sell we will display them at our booth for a 10% handling fee.

There will also be a number of nice door prizes available.

Tickets are $4.00 in advance from Plato Computers and from A-Z
Computers as well as at the Gateway Amiga Club meetings on October
6th and October 20th or $5.00 at the door the day of the show.
If you do not live in the St. Louis area or if you would prefer
to purchase tickets by mail you may send requests to :

Gateway Amiga Club, Inc.
P.O. Box 811
Bridgeton, MO 63044

If you have any further questions I will be happy to try and answer

Barry Holloway

Portal: BarryH