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/// AR Confidential                    We heard it through the grapevine!

 - West Chester, PA
   It's confirmed.  Jim Dionne announced his resignation during a conference
   with developers at the World of Commodore show in Pasadena a few weeks
   ago.  Effective September 20, 1993, Jeff Stilley is the new General
   Manager of Commodore U.S., and Dionne's position as president will not be

 - Duluth, GA

   Primerica Corp. has announced its intentions to purchase the remaining
   73% of Travellers Corp. that it does not already own.  This will make
   Primerica one of the largest financial asset management companies in the
   country, with assets estimated at 100 BILLION dollars.  That's five times
   larger than Wal Mart, and nearly ten times larger than Coca Cola, for

 - Renton, WA

   A rumor making its way through the grapevine has it that Bill Gates
   received a speeding ticket a short time ago.  The next day, the officer
   issuing the ticket had been fired.  So much for justice...

 - Tracy, CA

   A new product may possibly come out on the market. Called "The VODEM".
   The Vodem project is a project that seeks to use a patented device 
   called a vodem (VideO DEModulator) to send info over Cable TV at speeds 
   of 40-160MB/hr.  The Vodem project is specifically dedicated to providing 
   a truly free one-way feed of internet mail and Usenet news.  Commercial 
   applications may follow. Unlike all of the other technology, the Vodem 
   requires a purchase of the device itself, should be about $150, possibly 
   less. "Everything else I've seen costs between $600-$1500 or more."