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/// From the Editor's Desk                        "Saying it like it is!"

Don't ya hate it when you have something to write, but nothing is coming
to mind?  Usually, I can think of something to put here, even if it's just
a brief overview of things.  Tonight I can't seem to come up with anything.

I want to apologize to our Internet subscribers.  Last week, the system
where the mailing list was sent from was experiencing problems.  The list
finally went out, but a few days late.  With luck, everything will be fine
this week.

A note on Netmail.  I have been receiving quite a bit of Netmail through
FidoNet lately.  I wanted to let people know that the system I call for
this mail is having trouble with outgoing mail (actually, it's a bug in
DLG I'm told), so I have been unable to respond.

A few people have been offering to write reviews for Amiga Report.  I'd
like to say that I invite anyone to submit material.  I'm happy to accept
work from anybody who cares to contribute!  If you do send stuff, please
send it to my Portal Email address if you're using Internet mail.  But
ordinary mail should go to my Delphi account.  The way the two mail systems
are setup make it easier to deal with larger messages on Portal.  Thanks!

                                 Rob @ AR