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 From the Editor's Desk  Saying it like it is!
   CPU  Status Report    Computer Products Update
     The Scientist       The Scientist now online via the InterNet!
    NewsBytes CD-ROM     NewsBytes volume III now shipping
        Lightrave        Lightwave without the Toaster??
   New Courier Modems    Featuring V.32 terbo
     Online Weekly       The lines are buzzing!
        SHI News         PC-Task virus nonexistent
      WOCA Report        By Dan Zerkle, parts 3-5
       A.M.I.G.A.        The A.M.I.G.A. Fall Preview
 The InterNet via Email  How to use FTPmail
      WOCA Report        by David C. Navas
       MOD Charts        The hottest hits on MODs
     UseNet Review       Textra v1.14
    AR Confidential      Where's the Jaguar??