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New Courier Modems Offer Host of New Features Including V.32 terbo, HST
Cellular, V.17, Security; Products to Ship September 1, 1993

SKOKIE, Ill. -- August 23, 1993 -- U.S. Robotics, Inc. today announced a major
evolution to its Courier modem line; the company will ship new Courier models
beginning September 1 that include a battery of new features, most notably the
19.2 Kbps V.32 terbo protocol and U.S. Robotics' proprietary Adaptive Speed
Leveling (ASL[tm]) technology, which further boosts speed to 21.6 Kbps.  The
new features fall into three broad categories:  increased data rates, fax
enhancements and high-end features.  The company is offering an upgrade
program for current Courier high-speed modem users, also beginning September

U.S. Robotics Among First To Ship V.32 terbo

Among the features included in the new modems is V.32 terbo, a new protocol
for 19.2 Kbps data transmission developed by AT&T; Courier modems will be
among the first shipping products to include V.32 terbo, which delivers a 33
percent increase in speed over the 14.4 Kbps V.32 bis standard.  The move to
V.32 terbo is in keeping with U.S. Robotics' philosophy of developing modems
that support a variety of protocols and provide compatibility with a wide
range of modems from other vendors.

These products allow Courier customers to take advantage of increased data
rates, while still assuring them of a clear upgrade path to the forthcoming standard. Additionally, the new modems provide Courier customers the
added benefit of proprietary technology that boosts connect speed to 21.6

Proprietary ASL Increases Speed to 21.6 Kbps; DTE Interface Rate Jumps to
115.2 Kbps

The Courier V.32 terbo modems include the company's proprietary Adaptive Speed
Leveling (ASL[tm]) protocol, boosting throughput to 21.6 Kbps, a 50 percent
increase in speed over the current 14,400 bps V.32 bis standard.  This
protocol allows users who are connecting two Courier modems to take advantage
of the 21.6 Kbps rate; V.42 bis data compression provides an additional
increase in throughput.  An increased DCE to DTE (modem-to- computer)
interface rate of 115,200 bps and faster processors accommodate these higher

Courier Modems Still Upgradable to (ITU-T V.34)

The new Courier modems, like the current Courier high-speed models, will be
field upgradable to the forthcoming standard, which will likely be
named V.34.  Availability will depend on ITU-T progress in finalizing the
standard; however, study group approval of V.34 is expected in June, 1994. 
The standard will provide data rates of up to 28,800 bps.

Dale Walsh, U.S. Robotics vice president, advanced development, and a member
of the ITU-T committee developing the V.34 standard, points out that V.32
terbo should not be confused with the standard.  "The V.32 terbo
protocol is really an extension of V.32 bis," said Walsh.  "In fact, when you
compare the processing power necessary to run V.32 terbo and V.34, the
processors in V.32 terbo modems are more like the processors used for V.32 bis
-- they are certainly not capable of achieving the 28.8 Kbps throughput that
will be available with V.34."

U.S. Robotics' upgrade to V.34 is performed via a daughterboard swap, which
takes a typical user about five minutes.  Because the pending V.34 standard
requires two to three times the processing power of V.32 bis, both the
hardware and software must be upgraded to provide enough power and ensure that
there are no hardware bottlenecks that might impede the speed of V.34.

Upgrades to New Product Available for Current Courier Users

Current Courier users may upgrade to the new models.  Pricing will vary
depending on the modem model being upgraded.  The upgrade program will include
both current-model Courier modems, which may be upgraded via a daughterboard
swap, as well as older-model Courier modems, which may be exchanged for the
new models.  Courier 2400 bps modems are not included in the upgrade program.

New Courier Enhancements:  Fax, Data and High-End Features The full list of
features that will be added to the Courier line includes:

Data Rate Enhancements:
*  V.32 terbo
Supports data rates of up to 19.2 Kbps.
*  Adaptive Speed Leveling (ASL*) for 21.6 Kbps throughput Exclusive to U.S.
Robotics; proprietary protocol boosting connect speed to 21.6 Kbps
*  Increased DTE interface rate of 115.2 Kbps *  HST Cellu"- etary protocol
for high-speed cellular data transmission Available only in HST Dual Standard
Courier models

Fax Enhancements:
*  V.17
14,400 bps fax capabilities
*  EIA Class 2.0 fax capabilities
Standard for fax communications; U.S. Robotics is the first to provide support
for EIA 2.0
*  Call selection
Automatic detection of a fax or data call

Feature Enhancements:
*  Dial-back Security
*  Link Security
*  V.25 bis
Protocol for synchronous dialing

The Courier modems including these features will be shipping September 1;
model information and pricing follow.

Courier Products and Pricing

Model Name                      List Price Courier V.32 terbo                 
$695 Courier V.32 terbo/PC                 $645 Courier V.32 terbo Fax        
$795 Courier V.32 terbo Fax/PC             $745 Courier V.32 terbo Fax/PS/2   
$745 Courier HST Dual Standard with
V.32 terbo Fax                       $1295 Courier HST Dual Standard with
V.32 terbo/PC                        $1245

U.S. Robotics, Inc., (NASDAQ:USRX), is a leading designer, manufacturer and
marketer of data communications systems and products.  Both corporate
headquarters and manufacturing operations are based in Skokie, Illinois. U.S.
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