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NewsBytes CD-ROM shipping

 *** Newsbytes Volume III - Available For $24.95 09/20/93 ***

MINNEAPOLIS, MINNESOTA -- Newsbytes Volume III, all the news, reviews,
and editorials that have been published on the Newsbytes News Network
through July of this year, is now available for $24.95 on CD-ROM
(compact disc - read only memory).

The disc, which runs on both Apple Computer Macintoshes and PCs,
contains the over 40,000 news stories on the world-wide computer and
telecommunications industries written between May, 1983 and August,
1993 by the Newsbytes News Network staff.

This rich compendium of reports, published by Wayzata Technologies,
chronicles everything from the infancy of the microcomputer to
today's highly diversified and complex array of technologies.

Newsbytes has a staff of 19 daily reporters in the following cities:
Los Angeles, San Francisco, Denver, Minneapolis/St. Paul, Atlanta,
Washington, DC, Boston, Toronto, London, Tokyo, Hongkong, Sydney,
New Delhi, and Moscow.

Newsbytes reports 30 stories a day, or 600 a month. These are
objective, first-hand new stories involving interviews with the
people who make the news, and on-site trade show coverage. A
Textware search engine enables the Volume III CD-ROM disc to be
keyword searched for stories in which individual words or text
strings appear,  or Boolean searched (eg "keyword1" plus "keyword2"
but not "keyword3"). This makes it an invaluable tool for
researchers and libraries.

According to Wendy Woods, Newsbytes' editor in chief, this is also
the lowest-ever price for a Newsbytes disc. Previous discs were,
according to Woods, priced in the $50 to $100 price bracket.

"We want to make sure everyone has access to our reports, and that
price is not a barrier. Our rich history of the computer industry is
the most extensive available on CD-ROM," she said.

Newsbytes, a pioneering electronic publication, has provided daily
coverage of the dynamic and complex computer and telecommunications
industries to online services, magazines, newspapers, newsletters,
and fax and e-mail news delivery services world-wide since 1983.

Newsbytes coverage has won Best Online Publication awards four times
from the Computer Press Association, the largest organization of
professional computer journalists world-wide. Newsbytes is an
independent, privately held news organization.

The disc is $24.95 plus $2.50 shipping and handling to US addresses,
$4.50 shipping and handling to all other countries. Those interested
in ordering the CD-ROM should send a check or money order, or their
Visa or Mastercard number, with expiration date (no American
Express please) to: CD-ROM Offer, Newsbytes News Network, Carriage
House, 406 West Olive St., Stillwater, MN 55082 or fax to 612-430-
0441. Please include shipping address.