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                           THE  SCIENTIST, INC.
                            3501 Market Street
                          Philadelphia, PA 19104

For more information, contact:

Publisher & Editor-in-Chief

Phone : (215)386-0100 Ext. 1504
Fax   :  (215)387-1266

THE SCIENTIST newspaper, now available on Internet

THE SCIENTIST a biweekly newspaper for scientists and the research community,
is now available electronically -- in full text and free of charge -- on the
internet network via ftp, WAIS, and Gopher.  Eugene Garfield, publisher of
THE SCIENTIST states that electronic access to the newspaper's articles and
features has been made available following a successful trial experiment on
NSFnet, the electronic communications network of the National Science

Founded in 1986, THE SCIENTIST is published in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania,
USA, and is circulated internationally to researchers, administrators, and
policy makers in academia, industry, and government.  THE SCIENTIST is the
only newspaper that exclusively covers current issues and events that impact
the professional research environment--including funding legislation, new
grants, employment and salary trends, career advancement opportunities,
ethics and conflicts of interest, representation of women and minorities in
science, and the interplay of industrial, academic, and governmental research.
In addition, THE SCIENTIST reports on trends in research and features the
opinions of leaders in science.

THE SCIENTIST can be accessed on the InterNIC (AT&T) server by the in-
structions provided below.  The full text of issues from November 1992 onward
are accessible.  New issues are added every two weeks on alternate Mondays,
coinciding with the cover date of the printed edition.  Back issues are being
loaded every other week, until the full seven year file is complete.



via FTP
type:  ftp
login or name, type: anonymous
for password, type in your internet address
at ftp prompt type: cd pub/the-scientist
at next prompt type: dir

This will list the files in THE SCIENTIST directory

type : get (and the issue you wish to retrieve)
To leave the server, type: quit

THE SCIENTIST files are added every two weeks.
File numbers will correspond to date of publication.
Example:  get the-scientist-921207
is:       the-scientist-92(for year) 12(for month) 07(day)


THE SCIENTIST is available on the InterNIC Gopher Server

From your Gopher client, connect to 70
For example using a UNIX Gopher client, type: gopher internic.net_70
(NOTE: _70 = space 70.    70 is Port 70)

You will be at the following menu:
      1.  Information about the InterNIC.
      2.  InterNIC Information Services (General Atomics)/
      3.  InterNIC Registration Services (NSI)/
      4.  InterNIC Directory and Database Services (AT&T)/

Choose: #4 -  InterNIC Directory and Database Services (AT&T)/

You will be at the following menu:
      1.  InterNIC Directory of Directories Resource Types/
      2.  Information about the InterNIC Directory and Database Services/
      3.  IETF Documents/
      4.  IETF Steering Group Documents/
      5.  Internet Draft Documents/
      6.  Internet Informational RFC Documents (FYIs)/
      7.  Internet Policies and Procedures/
      8.  Internet Request For Comments (RFC) Documents/
      9.  Internet Society (ISOC) Documents/
      10. Internet Standard RFC Documents (STDs)/
      11. National Science Foundation Databases/
      12. Publically Accessible Databases/
      13. Publically Accessible Sources/
      14. The DS WHOIS Database <?>
      15. The Internet Resource Guide/

Choose: #12 -  Publically Accessible Databases/

You will be at the following menu:
      1.  TRAINER-DIALOG for DIALOG Information Services/
      2.  THE SCIENTIST - Newsletter/

Choose: #2 - The Scientist-Newsletter/

You will now be at THE SCIENTIST's menu where you can find help,
for key-word searches, see an overview, an index or select an
entire issue.
via TELNET/WAIS Client
at login, type:  wais      (lower case;  no password required)
at search prompt, type     : db the-scientist
at next search prompt, type: query_(key words to be searched)

To view a file, type: view (serial number of the file retrieved)

A tutorial on searching by WAIS is available on the menu.
at search prompt, type: help

When you are finished, at search prompt, type: quit


type: telnet
at login type  : guest  (no password required)

You will be at the following menu:
InterNIC Directory and Database Services Telnet Interface Main Menu

        1) Help Tutorial
        2) Person Lookup
        3) Institution Lookup
        4) Document Lookup by Name
        5) Document Lookup by Keyword
        6) Internet Resource Lookup
        7) Exit

Enter desired option (1-7) and press the <RETURN> key:

Choose #5
at the search prompt type: db the-scientist
at next search prompt type: query (key words to be searched)
When you are finished type: quit

You can access THE SCIENTIST via AT&T mail server, which is
an automatic program that delivers information by electronic
mail.  To request THE SCIENTIST from the mail server, send
a message to:

include the following lines in the body (NOT SUBJECT) of the
message:  file /ftp/pub/the-scientist/the-scientist-yymmdd
for path, type your return email address
type: end

The mail server will split the document into 64k chunks by
default and the requested information will be transmitted to