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 From the Editor's Desk  Saying it like it is!
   CPU  Status Report    Computer Products Update
 Status Report - Amiga   Updates and information on the Amiga
     Online Weekly       The lines are buzzing!
 SHI News - Virus Alert  Information on new virus, rewards, etc.
      WOCA Report        Inside WOCA '93 with Dan Zerkle
      WOCA Report        Another view by Matt Guthrie
 The Newton MessagePad   A first look
       A.M.I.G.A.        Geezzz....another review on IMPLANT
 The Emulation Examiner  MS-DOS emulation ...on a Mac
       STR Focus         WordPerfect 6.0
     UseNet Review       Using the A1000 as a second computer
  The Humor Department   Who were those INSIDER guys anyway?!?