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 Contact: Ellen Kazmaier                            (314) 894-8608
 Director of Marketing                              (800) 829-8608

 Soft-Logik Presents An In-Depth Preview Of PageStream 3.0!

 St. Louis, Missouri (September, 1993)   Soft-Logik Publishing
 Corporation will present an in-depth preview of PageStream 3.0.
 PageStream 3 is a completely new version of the #1 desktop
 publishing program. Adding a comprehensive list of features
 that users have requested, PageStream 3 surpasses its competition.

 PageStream 3 is the ideal program for any desktop publishing
 project. It can be used to write letters, produce high-end color
 separations and publish complex books with multiple sections and
 chapters. The new trapping and plate control features makes
 PageStream 3.0 a leader in the emerging pre-press field.

 PageStream 3 breaks new ground with a dual paragraph and character
 style system that allows style override, style ripple and object
 styles. The new style system makes applying attributes to text and
 objects easier than ever before.  PageStream s flexible toolbox
 allows users to choose between small, large, vertical and horizontal
 toolbox layouts. There are even floating panels for fonts, colors,
 styles, macros and pages to make editing easier.

 PageStream 3 offers an incredible array of document formatting
 features. Auto-kerning and auto-hyphenation have been added, and text
 styles are configurable, including changing the shadow type and offset,
 and the underline method. The tab feature allows left/center/right
 alignment on any character, and dot leaders (filled tabs) can be made
 with any character.

 PageStream 3.0 now supports the PANTONE  Color System. PageStream 3.0
 uses this industry standard to provide printed color accuracy with
 guaranteed results.  In addition to PANTONE support, PageStream 3.0
 offers support for spot and process color, and CMYK, HSV, and RGB
 color models.

 PageStream has always been the import format champion with numerous
 formats supported. Import a Word Perfect file and export a Final Copy
 document. Or import an IFF ILBM and export it as TIFF. Import an Adobe
 Illustrator 3.0 EPS file, interpret it into a structured drawing, and
 dissolve it into component shapes and paths.

 And the newly added format of translating Professional Page documents.
 Users of Gold Disk s Professional Page desktop publishing program can
 now make the transition to PageStream painlessly. Converting a
 Professional Page document for use in PageStream is a simple task.

 PageStream 3 adds the power of ARexx without adding the complexity.
 ARexx scripts can be written from scratch or recorded within the
 program. Scripts can then be played back, without knowledge of ARexx
 programming. PageStream 3 features are an extensive ARexx command set
 that will satisfy any power-user.

 The PageStream 3.0 publishing system comes with the PageLiner 2.0 text
 editor and the BME 2.0 bitmap editor. These programs are linked to
 PageStream with the included HotLinks 2.0, the Amiga data exchange

 PageStream 3.0 will be available in early fall for $395. Customer who
 purchase a full copy of PageStream 2.2 after March 15, 1993, are
 eligible for a free upgrade to version 3.0 by mailing their registration
 card, proof of purchase and $5 for shipping and handling, to Soft-Logik.
 Previous purchasers can upgrade for $125 if they own PageStream 2.0 or
 higher, or for only $95 if they also own HotLinks Editions. Professional
 Page owners can upgrade to PageStream for $175. (limited time offer)

 PageStream 3.0 will change the way you think about publishing.

 Mark @ Soft-Logik Publishing



                       The Elysian Archive
           A Collection of Freely-Distributable Amiga Files
   This collections has been painstakingly assembled over a period of 
   6 months.  It includes over 600 Meg of Amiga Files, complete with 
   full descriptions.  The CD-ROM is in ISO-9660 format, for 
   compatibility with both Amiga and PC BBS's.  Features include:

   · Over 700 SoundTracker/NoiseTracker modules, painstakingly 

   · Over 200 EuroDemos and MusicDisks - show off the Amiga's 

   · Over 80 animations representing the best work displayable on all 

   · Low cost!  Only $30...
For more information, please send NetMail to 1:280/316.0, or call 
(816) 587-3352 (voice).  Or, send Internet mail to:


                              TeleText V1.10
                         (c) 1993 Jan Leuverink

 Long Description:

    This project makes it possible to view Teletext (also known
    as Teletekst, Videotext, Ceefax, Skytext, Supertext etc.)
    on your Amiga. It is suitable for any PAL Amiga, because
    it uses the parallel port to interface with the hardware.
    An electronic switch is provided to easily switch between
    the TeleText decoder and a printer. The project consists
    of a small piece of hardware and some software.

    The software is Shareware. This means that if you use the
    program longer than 3 weeks, you have to register or stop
    using it. Some features will only be available to registered

 Some features:

    - fully localized
      languages currently supported:
             * nederlands
             * deutsch
             * dansk
    - needs KS2.04 or higher and a PAL Amiga to run
    - can hold up to 4 teletext-pages, each page can
      contain a maximum of 50 subpages
    - saves pages in IFF, ASCII and its own TT format
    - loads pages in TT format
    - uses reqtools.library (included in archive) for
    - the hardware needs a CVBS-videosignal containing
      teletext-information   (can be obtained from the
      SCART/AV connector of a TV/VCR)

 Future support :

    - AREXX support
        * This will allow you to write Arexx scripts,
          that can fetch specified pages, save them, etc.
        * It will also include the ability to request a
          specific sub-page instead of all sub-pages
          of a given page.
    - The ability to click on a number on a page, so that
      that page is being looked for. Handy for index-pages
      etc., just click on the pagenumber you want to read.
    - Special version for use with the gameports (instead of
      the parallel port).
    - Graphics-hardcopy of currently displayed page.
    - Improved docs: more technical details about how the
      teletext system works, how the I2C-bus works etc.
    - Support for the NTSC screen modes.

Some of these features will only be available to registered users.

                      Required DOS: WB 2.04 or higher
                           Computer: Amiga (PAL)
                            Ram: approx. 100 kb

Files / Size: TT110.lha    - 124.909 byte
Released: 11-SEPT-93

The file is requestable at 'The Amiga Workbench', Fido-node: 2:283/410.
'The Amiga Workbench' +31-5430-24097

It will also be distributed via ADS/SAN.


Announcement For Gene 1.0


           GeNe - a commercial invoicing and stock management program


           1.0 (15 September 1993)


           Ivan Pintori


           MangaZone Advanced Services
           Via Grandis 1
           00185 Roma
           Tel: ++39-(0)6-7028955
           Fax: ++39-(0)6-7028955
           EMail: (Ivan Pintori)


        GENE is a complete invoicing and stock management package for those
who need to clean their desktops from calculators, pens and info sheets on

        Providing a clear interface, compliant to the User Style Guide by
Commodore, MangaZone Advanced Services has made the most powerful invoicing
and stock management program available for the Amiga(tm).


Many features but the most important are:

        -       Over 4 billion invoices per year can be made;
        -       Over 4 billion clients can be tracked at any time;
        -       Over 4 billion products can be tracked at any time (even
                out of productions!);
        -       Over 4 billion producers;
        -       Over 4 billion orders per year;
        -       Complete stock management with loading of stock and
                automatic unload via invoicing;
        -       3 prices per product, that are automatically associated to
                each type of client;
        -       Full importation ready;
        -       255 different currencies supported;
        -       255 categories of products;
        -       255 types of products per each category;
        -       255 VATs can be associated to any Category-Type;
        -       Every product, client, producer is given a unique serial
                number to be used in bar codes;
        -       Reads, stores and uses currently used barcodes;
        -       A 228 characters description can be included per each
                client, product and producer;
        -       E-mail address per each client;
        -       Products can be goods (subjected to stock) or services;
        -       Products can be marked out-of-production and later on
        -       Client can be of 3 different types;
        -       Invoice layout is totally customizable via intuition;
        -       Invoices can be retrived for archive printing;
        -       Prices can be calculated after user definable formulas;
        -       All via an easy Intuition Interface;


        Any Amiga Computer with OS 2.04 and 1Mb of RAM.  Hard Disk and BarCode
reader strongly raccomanded.


        This program is Commercial.  MangaZone Advanced Services is looking
for companies interested in taking care of distribution in thier own

Italy: RRP Lire 89000 IVA inclusa
International: RRP US$99.95

MangaZone Advanced Services
Via Grandis 1, 00185 Rome, ITALY