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/// WORDPERFECT 6.0 WINDOWS! STR FOCUS!  Word Perfect for Windows Announced!
    Reprinted from STReport


 New product is completely customizable 
 and makes the most of the Windows environment

      WordPerfect  Corporation announced  WordPerfect 6.0 for  Windows, the
 next release of its  best-selling Windows word processor.  WordPerfect 6.0
 for  Windows  offers  everything  needed  to  create  professional-looking
 documents   including:  powerful   word  processing,   drawing,  charting,
 spreadsheet functionality within tables, and direct integration with other
 Windows applications.  The product  is scheduled  to  ship fourth  quarter

      "WordPerfect 6.0  for Windows has  been completely rewritten to  give
      users  the  best  in  Windows  word  processing,"  said Alan  Ashton,
      president  and  CEO  of  WordPerfect  Corporation.  "Virtually  every
      feature in the product  has been  improved  or  enhanced in  some way.
      These  improvements  are  the  result of  thousands of user  requests,
      feedback from focus groups, and extensive usability testing."
      WordPerfect  6.0  for Windows  is  designed to  give  users  complete
 customization, the easiest transition to Windows, and a product that makes
 the most of the Windows environment. 


 Interface.  WordPerfect 6.0 for Windows is fully customizable so users can
 personalize their word  processor for  any environment or  task. Virtually
 all aspects  of the interface can  be customized:   Button Bar, Power Bar,
 Ruler Bar,  status bar, keyboards  and menus.  Users can also select  Hide
 Bars for  a clean  screen, but still have  access to  the main menus  when
 placing the mouse pointer at the top of the screen.

 Button Bar.  The Button Bar is  the most versatile interface tool,  giving
 users access to any WordPerfect feature or macro with a click of a button.
 The Button  Bar can  be placed anywhere  on the  screen or  as a  floating
 palette. Users can  display buttons  with icons,  text, or  both, and  can
 create their  own icons and text.  Users can create as many Button Bars as
 they like and display up to three rows of buttons. The product  ships with
 sample Button Bars  for specific tasks such as graphics,  tables, outlines
 and page layout, as well as context-sensitive bars that will change
 according to task.

 Power Bar.   The  Power Bar contains icons  for quick  access to the  most
 common formatting  tasks. The Power  Bar remains at the top  of the screen
 and users can customize the bar by selecting from 81 options. When placing
 the mouse pointer over any Power Bar icon, help prompts appear at the  top
 of the screen to explain the icon's function.

 Templates.   Templates  revolutionize word  processing  by giving  users a
 quick and  easy way to create  professional-looking documents. WordPerfect
 6.0 will  ship with ExpressDocs, more than 45 predefined templates for fax
 forms,  memos, newsletters, and more. ExpressDocs are more than customized
 documents they are  interactive and can prompt users for  information such
 as  the name and  fax number  on a fax cover  sheet. Users  can edit these
 templates, or create their own with customized menus, styles, Button Bars,
 keyboards, abbreviations and macros.

 "Customization of the interface and templates gives users enormous control
 of their working environment, letting them personalize WordPerfect 6.0 for
 Windows  to work the way they  want to work," said  Todd Titensor, product
 marketing  director  of WordPerfect  for  Windows.  "Corporate  users will
 benefit by  being able  to  create standard  interfaces and  documents  to
 automate company tasks and maintain consistency."


 Easiest Transition for WordPerfect DOS users.  WordPerfect 6.0 for Windows
 gives WordPerfect DOS users the easiest transition to Windows with feature
 and  file compatibility,  as well  as macro  conversions. Users  can write
 macros  that will work in both WordPerfect 6.0 for DOS and WordPerfect 6.0
 for Windows.  WordPerfect 6.0 for Windows also includes a WPDOS keyboard

 "No other word processor makes it easier for WordPerfect DOS users to make
 the move  to Windows,"  said  Titensor. "No  other product  offers  better
 compatibility  with  existing  WordPerfect  files  and  macros, or  better
 cross-platform compatibility."

 Coaches.   Like  a personal instructor,  a Coach prompts a  user through a
 variety of common  tasks with step-by-step instructions.   Because Coaches
 are written with  WordPerfect's macro language, users can write  their own
 to add to the Help menu.

 QuickMenus.     Working  in  Windows  is   easier  with  context-sensitive
 QuickMenus that are accessed by clicking the right mouse button  virtually
 anywhere in WordPerfect. For example, clicking the
 right mouse button  anywhere in a document presents a QuickMenu  to change
 fonts,  spell  check,  or  center  text, while  clicking  the  left margin
 presents  a menu  to select  text, change  margins, or  add comments  to a

 Preview  Windows.   Preview  windows  in dialog  boxes let  users  see how
 changes in  a document--such  as columns,  margins and  line spacing--will
 look before making them.


 Program Launching.   Any Windows program or file can be placed on a Button
 Bar for quick access  from within WordPerfect.  For example, a  user could
 drag the program  file for Quattro Pro from the Windows  File Manager to a
 Button  Bar and  then  be able  to  launch  Quattro Pro  while  working in
 WordPerfect. Or a user could place a Microsoft Excel  file on a Button Bar
 and with a click of a button launch Excel and load the file.
 Direct  Spreadsheet  and   Database  Import.    Spreadsheet  and  database
 information  can be  linked  via  Dynamic Data  Exchange (DDE)  or  Object
 Linking  and Embedding  (OLE),  and  can also  be directly  imported  into
 WordPerfect 6.0 for Windows. All leading spreadsheet formats and a variety
 of  database formats  such  as  Paradox, dBase,  Oracle, and  popular  SQL
 servers  are supported.  Users can  perform queries  on database  files to
 extract only the
 needed information.
 File  Management.   The  powerful  functionality of  the  WordPerfect File
 Manager  is now  included in  the Open  File dialog  box.   With  the File
 Options  button, users can  copy, move, rename, delete,  print, and change
 file  attributes, as well as  create and rename  directories. Files can be
 displayed  and  sorted   by  filename,  extension,  size,  date/time,  and
 descriptive name and type.
 WordPerfect Draw.  WordPerfect Draw contains the sophisticated drawing and
 charting tools from  WordPerfect Presentations including Bezier curves and
 the  ability to  contour text on  a curve. The charting  module lets users
 turn tables and  spreadsheet data into  a variety  of charts:   3-D,  bar,
 line,  area, hi-lo, pie,  and exploded pie charts.  WordPerfect Draw works
 through OLE and is easily accessed by double-clicking any chart or graphic
 image. WordPerfect Draw also supports the TWAIN standard for direct access
 to scanners.


 Spreadsheet in Tables.  WordPerfect is  the only Windows word processor to
 include advanced  spreadsheet capabilities.   The  Tables feature contains
 nearly  100  built-in  formulas,  numerical  cell   formatting,  automatic
 calculation, data fills, and named ranges. 

 QuickFormat.   QuickFormat lets  users extract  formatting or  styles from
 text and quickly apply  it to other text in a document.  The mouse pointer
 changes to  a  paint  roller and  lets  users "paint"  the  formatting  to
 selected text.   

 Bullets and  Numbering.  From the  new Insert menu,  users can select from
 predefined  bullets  and numbering  styles or  create their  own. Numbered
 items are automatically renumbered if moved.

 Abbreviations.  The Abbreviations features will replace an abbreviation in
 a  document with  a longer  piece of  information  that can  include text,
 graphics, formatting--anything that can be placed in a document.  

 Borders.  A wide  variety of  borders and fill  patterns can  be used  for
 paragraphs, pages, columns, tables, table cells, and graphic images.

 Simplified  Mail Merge.   WordPerfect's  powerful Merge  feature has  been
 enhanced  with an easy-to-use interface. The introductory Merge dialog box
 includes  the  three  elements  of a  merge--data  file,  form  file,  and
 merge--with  corresponding preview  windows.   Creating  and  editing data
 files is easy  using the Quick Data Entry  dialog box. WordPerfect 6.0 for
 Windows can directly use data files in other formats such as spreadsheets,
 database, SQL, or ASCII text files. Users can also select specific records
 to merge using  a query by example interface. Corresponding  envelopes can
 automatically be created and appended to a merge file. 

 Document Management.  The QuickFinder rivals standalone packages with some
 of  the fastest  indexing and  text retrieval in  the industry.  Users can
 index directories  or groups  of files  and  perform nearly  instantaneous
 searches. The QuickFinder  dialog box has been improved to  include access
 to Boolean operators, document components (such as first page only),  case
 sensitivity and word proximity.

 Document  Summary has  been  improved  to include  more than  50  document
 summary fields such as author, subject, date and abstract. QuickFinder can
 be used to  search any of these summary  fields. Document Comments can now
 include name, initials, date stamps and time stamps, and be represented by
 a colored icon  in the left margin. Users can have  specific colors so the
 document can be circulated for editing. Document Compare has been improved
 to compare by word, as well as by phrase, sentence and paragraph.

 Graphics  Editing.    An  Image  Tools  palette  offers in-place  graphics
 manipulation  to move, rotate, crop  and size  a graphic image.  Users can
 wrap  text  on  both sides  of  a graphic  image  or  contour text  around
 irregularly shaped objects.

 STYLES.   In addition to  character and document styles,  version 6.0 will
 include paragraph styles so  users can click  anywhere in a paragraph  and
 select a  style to  affect the entire  paragraph.  Users  can also  create
 styles  by clicking anywhere  in formatted text, then  clicking the Styles
 field on the Power Bar to give it a name. 


 The  suggested retail price of  WordPerfect 6.0 for Windows  will be $495.
 Upgrades from  any DOS,  Windows or  OS/2 version  of WordPerfect will  be
 available for $129. A  competitive upgrade will also be available for $149
 from any word processor with a suggested retail price of at least $395. 

 WordPerfect 6.0 for Windows will require a 386 machine or higher, at least
 4M (preferably 6M) RAM and Microsoft Windows 3.1.