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    From the Editor's Desk      Saying it like it is!
      CPU  Status Report        Computer Products Update
    Babylon 5 Wins an EMMY!     Special effects in a TV movie
   CBM Distributer in Europe    ACER distributes CBM PCs
  Touch Monitor for the Amiga   MicroTouch's low-cost touch monitor
        Mindless Babble         Changes at "In The MeanTime" and more...
    PCMCIA EtherNet Adapter     For OpenBook by Socket Communications
     HP offers $200 rebate      On purchase of a Color Scanner
 Amiga Online Reference Manual  v2.1 Online help for the Amiga
    KeyBang v2.0 available      Bringing children closer to the Amiga
         Online Weekly          The lines ARE buzzing!
      AR available on WWW       Read it on the InterNet!
    SHI News - Virus Alert      New virus found! 
      SHI News - Notice!        Is Virus_Checker dying?
   SHI News - Virii Wanted!     Send SHI those Virii!
    UseNet Review - Dune II     The Battle for Arrakis
         UseNet Review          DPS Personal Animation Recorder
        AR Confidential         A new modem standard?
     The Humor Department       Jokes, Quotes, & Shameless plugs