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        Amiga Online Reference Manual v2.1




        David Tiberio (


        Online help for using the Amiga computer.


                AORM is an AmigaGuide based online help system for Amiga
        computers and Video Toaster Workstations. Using a hypertext
        point and click interface, users have access to over 1,000,000
        bytes of information, contained in over 830 AmigaGuide pages.
                Using built in virtual memory, modules may be loaded
        in as needed, often occupying only 150k of memory. Modules
        may be updated as new features are added. Free maintenance
        updates are provided to registered users.

                Modules include:

                Answers to commonly asked questions (over 500).

                Hardware specifications on Amiga models (20 total).

                Explanation and usage of AmigaDOS commands (over 80)
                and usage of ARexx commands (over 20).

                List of features that makes the Amiga stand out
                from other platforms, and explanations of their

                List of people, places, and things created on the
                Amiga computer.

                List of publications that carry Amiga related topics,
                including magazines and newspapers (over 30).

                Index of frequently used charts and tables, such as
                the Hayes Command Set and S Registers, list of most
                Amiga screenmodes, frequently used abbreviations such
                as RTG, XPK, DIG, etc, list of GURU Meditation Errors,
                AmigaDOS qualifiers and pattern matching, and more.

                Glossary of computer and Amiga related terms (over 500).


        AmigaOS 1.3, 2.04, 2.1, or 3.0.
        AmigaGuide (included), MultiView optional for OS3.0 users.
        Hard disk strongly recommended, but not required.


        ** v2.1 is a major update to version 2.0 **

        - over 50% more information (645,000 bytes in v2.071 as
        compared to 1,004,000 bytes in v2.113).

        - new ARexx, Programming, and other modules in the
        commonly asked questions section.

        - more glossaries in the commonly asked questions section.

        - new list of company addresses for distributors and
        major developers.

        - new modular format.

        - improved interface.

        - improved MultiView and OS3.0 compatibility.

        - new Installer routine, permitting partial installations.


        MSRP $35. Special User Group pricing of $20 to qualified
        Amiga and Video Toaster User Groups.


        Amiga Online Reference Manual may be purchased from your
        local Amiga dealer. If you wish, you may order direct from
        us by calling (516) 476-1615.

        Amiga Online Reference Manual is a commercial product and
        may not be redistributed freely. A demo however will be
        available shortly.

        Amiga Online Reference Manual Copyright 1993 Area52.
        All Rights Reserved.