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Hewlett-Packard Company today anounced a $200 end-user rebate on its
HP ScanJet IIc scanners. The HP ScanJet IIc scanners are high-performance,
color, flatbed desktop scanners for business professionals who use scanned
images to enhance their documents. Th rebate period runs from Aug. 1, 1993
through Oct. 31, 1993, for customers in th United States and Canada.

A typical business application, optical character recognition (OCR), saves
users from having to re-type dcuments. Combind with desktop-publishing,
presentation, spreadsheet or word-processing software, the HP ScanJet IIc
scanner allows user to create colorful high-impact documents.

In order to quality for the HP ScanJet IIc color scanner rebate, customers
must purchase the HP ScanJet IIc scanner through an HP-authorized dealer and
receive a rebate coupon. Current list price of the ScanJet IIc is $1,599.00.
The coupon, a proof-of-purchase bar code from the scanner box and a copy of
the invoice should be mailed to Hewlett-Packard Company, Scanner Rebate, P.O.
Box 1754, Greely, Colorado 80632.

"HP is dedicated to providing its business users with productivity-enhancing
tools at leadership price points," said Alan Housley, marketing manager of
the HP Greeley Hardcopy Division, which manufacturers HP ScanJet scanners.
"The goal of HP and its software vendors is to make it possible for more
business users to benefit from scanning for document creation and document
management. This three-month opportunity to receive a rebate on scanning
solutions is a step in that direction."

The HP ScanJet IIc scanner rebate offer coincides with supporting rebate
offers from Caere Corp., Calra Recognition Systms, Inc., and MindWorks Corp.
Caere is offering a $200 rebate on its OmniPage Professional OCR package, and
a $100 rebate on its OmniPage OCR software on purchases made through Oct. 15
and it also is lowering the list price on the OmniPage Dirct OCR package from
$595 to $295. Calera is offering a $50 rebate on its WordScan Plus 2.0 OCR
software, which includes new recognition technology, if purchased with an HP
ScanJet IIc scanner, through Oct. 31. MindWorks is offering a $100 rebate on
its Recollct document management software through Oct. 31.

Caere, Calera and MindWorks will send rebates to users who hav rturnd th
rebate coupons and registsration forms packaged with the idividual products.

The HP ScanJet IIc scanner is a 24-bit, single-pass color and monochrome
scanner with 400 dot per inch (dpi) optical resolution that can be
interpolated up to 1,600 dpi with HP's enhanced rsolution technology. The
scanners are equipped to be used on IBM PC-compatible personal computers,
Micro-Channel architectures or Apple Macintosh platforms. [*StarShip News
Note: Third-party software is available for Amiga, as well.]

Hewlett-Packard Company is an international manufacturer of measurement and
computation products and systems recognized for excellence in quality and
support. The company's products and services are used in industry, business,
enginering, science, medicine and education in approximately 110 countries.
HP has 93,800 employees and had revenue of $16.4 billion in its 1992 fiscal
year. HP sales information may be obtained by calling 1-800-SCANJET.