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/// Mindless Babble
    by Robert Niles

Well I guess it's one of those months in which I get to babble a bit,
which if you ask some of the people I know, is something I do best!

There's going to be some changes with my system in the next week. I will
be converting over to a different "BBS" ...if BBS is what you would call
it. I'm going to be using AXshell, by Pasi (Albert) Ojala, as a host in
which the users will be able use InterNet email and participate in
various newsgroups. if you call In The MeanTime to get Amiga
Report, you will definately notice some changes (of course there will 
still be file transfers!!). At the same time I will be coming off of the
FidoNet, and will not be able to accept File REQuests (FREQs). Sorry, 
but not too much I can do about it right now, hopefully that will change
in the future.

NPR (National Public Radio) spoke about InterCON which I think was held
in San Francisco (brain has been dead lately). The convention was mostly
all about the InterNet and it's functions. One company (and again, my
forgetfulness) has designed a system in which you can access the InterNet
using cable...the cable that cable T.V. comes on....FAST transfer rates
during FTPs and Telnets, etc. The representative from the company demo-ed
the system there at InterCON and ran around the US and Europe getting
files, playing music, and viewing pictures. Now if we all could have this
feature in the near future, then our on-line lives would be so much the
better...I hope to see this take off!!

Anyone read UNIX Review?? Well they narrowed down all the reasons NOT to
use MS-DOS to only 50 reasons. Side-stepping that difficulty, some of the
reasons were quick pot-shots at Bill Gates to important ones like lack of
security. Although one might think that there is a bias within the
article, it really layed down some good reasons NOT to own the MS-DOS
platform...and it raises the question as to why MS-DOS is so popular.
Who of you have tried out MS-DOS v6.0??

I'm glad to own an Amiga!

Ed Dukeshire (FidoNet 1:324/134), the creator of the World-Wide Amiga BBS 
List (WABL) has already sent out another edition of this wonderful list. 
You most likely can find it on quite a few BBSes and on the commercial 
services (I don't know if it's on the InterNet yet) as WABL9309.LHA. The 
BBS list keeps getting bigger and better. Look for it if you haven't 
already, but more importantly, get the Application for WABL (included in 
Amiga Report #1.21,or in the WABL archive), fill it out and send it to 
Ed. Information on how to contact him is within the application.

On another note Mario Bonelli (FidoNet 1:273/934) has started up the
AMIGA_HAM echo. Right now this echo is not on the backbone but his goal is
to get enough systems connected so that it can be. The AMIGA_HAM echo is
simply to talk about and get information on how to use the HAM radio with
the Amiga. Ranging from just being a HAM to packet radio. For more
information on connecting to this echo please contact Mario at the FidoNet
address listed above. There's some REALLY interesting stuff here!

Well that's all for this week, ya'll take care!