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MicroTouch Systems, Inc. today introduced the low-cost TruePoint CA-42
Touch Monitor, a durable touch screen monitor for Amiga-based multimedia,
kiosk, training, and business applications. The TruePoint package includes
the new high-resolution Commodore 1942 14-inch display, a completely
integrated capacitive touch screen, controller, and the AmigaTouch Driver.
Now all Amiga applications can use a touch screen -- providing all the
functionality of a mouse but with a much friendlier user interface.


The TruePoint CA-42 Monitor is a plug-and-play solution that offers greater
ease of use and convenience to VARs and systems integrators seeking to add
touch screen input to their new or existing applications. By offering a
completely integrated touch monitor, the unit addresses an important market
need for a touch system that doesn't require assembly from a touch screen

Superior Touch Performance

The TruePoint CA-42 Monitor uses MicroTouch's industry-leading patented
analog capacitive touch technology, which involves the sensing of electrical
signals generated on a conductive coating. The unique construction of the
MicroTouch capacitive sensor makes it the only touch technology that delivers
high resolution, optical clarity, speed, and durability all in on package.
(Technology Backgrounder available upon request.)

Computer Network, Inc., a systems integrator, has recently installed an
Amiga-based Touch Screen Kiosk in the Las Vegas Hilton. The information kiosk
allows hotel/casino visitors to learn about the hotel's services and
activities. According to Kevin Kostiner, president of Computer Network, Inc.,
"We looked at several touch screen products and selected MicroTouch due to
the high quality of their capacitive touch screns. In a hectic casino
environment we need an extremely durable touch screen solution."

The Power of the Amiga Combined with Touch

Amiga computers, with advanced graphics and enhanced audio and video
capabilities, have become increasingly popular in multimedia applications.
The recently announced Commodore 1942 monitor was specifically designed for
multimedia applications. The monitor includes built-in stereo speakers and
audio input making it more convenient for multimedia developers. Combining
the Amiga computer and the 1942 monitor with the user-friendliness of touch
screens makes Amiga systems the perfect solution for many different
multimedia applications.

AmigaTouch Driver Specifications

The AmigaTouch Driver allows all Amiga software to run seamlessly with the
touch screen and comes complete with control panel to set touch screen
preferences, including cursor offset and sensitivity. The AmigaTouch Driver
supports two-button mouse emulation, multitasking from Workbench or CLI,
simultaneous mouse and touch screen usage, and is compatible with both PAL
and NTSC Amiga computers.

Touch Montior Display Specifications

The TruePoint CA-42 is based on the high-quality, Commodore Amiga 1942
monitor. This high-resolution, Super VGA 14-inch monitor has a dot pitch of
0.28mm, a maximum resolution of 800x600 non-interlaced, a vertical scan rate
of 45-75 Hz, and a horizontal scan rate of 15.6-15.8 to 27.3-31.5 KHz. The
monitor comes complete with stereo speakers, audio input, front accessible
controls, and a tilt/swivel base.

Pricing, Availability, and Warranty

The TruePoint CA-42 Monitor is available immdiately through dealers or
directly from MicroTouch. The list price for the TruePoint CA-42 is $1,495;
volume and dealer discounts are available. The MicroTouch capacitive sensor
has a five-year warranty, the controller has a two-yar warranty, and the
Commodore Amiga 1942 monitor has a 90-day warranty.

MicroTouch Systems, Inc. (NASDAQ: MTSI) headquartered in Methuen, Mass., is
the leading manufacturer of touch screens used in point-of-sale, information,
and self-service kiosk, gaming, industrial, multimedia, and other
computer-based applications. The company also markets fully-integrated kiosks
and digitizers for pen computing. MicroTouch, a public company founded in
1982, reported sales of over $30 million in 1992, and was recently ranked by
Forbes Magazine as the 23rd Best Small Business in the United States.