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/// SHI News:  Virus_Checker Dying?

    From:  Michael Arends @ SHI Regional center/West
    To:    All
    Originally posted  8/15/93

    From:  John Veldthuis                          
    To:    ALL                                     
    Subj:  Death of Virus_Checker 
 The end of Virus_Checker is very near at hand. 
Simply because no one is sending any viruses to me and/or any support. 
Its no use me updating Virus_Checker all the time when there is nothing
to add. I have not seen any virus sent to me in over 3 months, except
what I get from SHI.  Even after repeated requests for the F??K virus I 
still have not seen it. 
Its no use sending all the viruses to SHI  as they do not seem to be 
receiving that many, and by the time they get it and then send it to me
it is long after the virus has been around. 
So this is fair warning about the fate of Virus_Checker. Make sure
this message gets around. 
I think we should all let John Veldthuis know we all appreciate his

  His address is:          John Veldthuis
	                      21 Ngatai Street
	                      Manaia, Taranaki
	                      New Zealand
	                      Phone  +64-6-274-8409
                           Email addresses:

	                      FIDO 3:771/440.0