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From Portal's AmigaZone

16026.3.589.1 EMPLANT, Sound and the Picasso II!
9/3/93 19:16 19/1077 rmunoz

Hi All!

Well, just wanted to let you know that I am currently testing a version
of the EMPLANT software that provides SOUND support!  So far it is
incredible!  The games really come to LIFE!  I just got Arashi, a
Tempest clone, and this thing is INCREDIBLE!  And ofcourse, with my
Picasso II and the 4 Picasso video drivers, the speed of the Mac emulation
is incredible!  Once again, Jim and Joe have done an incredible job,
both with the sound support, the Picasso drivers and the overall emulation!
For those interested about the Picasso, you may want to drop by the
Picasso area (which I think is under construction) by 'go picasso'.  In
anycase, the usage of the Picasso is a very, very TRANSPARENT graphics
card from the point of view of the user!!! AWESOME card, which makes
my A3000 with EMPLANT just Amazing!  I believe that Jim Drew will be
showing the sound support at the WOC, and I am not sure if he is going to
release it before the show, since they are still working on it, but so
far it is GREAT!  Aah... What a difference the emulation makes now...



19249.3.120.2 Booth exhibitors
9/1/93 21:18 45/1094 Harv

Here's a list of the companies who will have booths at the WOCA show
in Pasadena, CA, Sept. 10-12, 1993. There may be drop-outs from this
list and there may be additions to it. But this is the list that I
have at this time.

    Amazing Computing Magazine
    Ambitious Technologies
    Amiga Video Graphics
    AmigaWorld Magazine
    Bruce Smith Books
    Centaur Development
    Century Computers
    Commodore Business Machines
    Computer System Associates
    Creative Computers
    Digital Creations
    DKB Software Inc.
    Expert Services
    Great Valley Products
    Heifner Communications, Inc.
    L.A. Video Toaster User Group
    MacroSystem US
    Memory World
    Microbotics, Inc.
    Moonlighter Software
    Myriad Visual Adventures
    NorthWest Public Domain
    Oxxi, Inc.
    PowerStor Systems
    Premier Software
    Pride, Inc.
    Rave Video
    Reflex Point
    RGB Video
    Scala, Inc.
    SunRize Industries
    Terra Nova Development
    Utilities Unlimited
    Video Toaster User Magazine


From Usenet's Comp.Sys.Amiga.Programmer newsgroup

Call for Amiga Developers

Silicon Prairie Software
2326 Francis Street
Regina, SK  S4N 2P7
Canada   (306) 352-0358

Silicon Prairie Software is seeking experienced Amiga programmers for
contract work.  Programmers will work remotely, so reliable Internet
access is a must.  Qualifications desired:

* Extensive Amiga C programming experience
* Detailed knowledge of Intuition, Exec, and DOS library
* Experience in operating systems programming
* Experience with GUI building tools such as GadToolsBox
* Experience in the development of consistent user interfaces
* Familiarity with the SAS C 6.3 development environment
* 680X0 experience is an asset
* A BA/BSc/MSc in Computer Science is an asset, but not required

Silicon Prairie is embarking on a new development project and requires
the services of 4-6 experienced Amiga programmers.  Since we are located
in Canada, we are seeking developers capable of working half/full-time
at their home locations.

The successful candidates will be given detailed specifications for
modules of the development project.  The developers will submit weekly
archives of the current local source tree for source code management
at the main office.

Interested parties should submit a summary of prior development experience
and qualifications.

Citation of currently available commercial or freely-distributable
programs is encouraged, although binary samples are declined unless

Email your inquiries to:

The "interview" process will intially consist of a programming problem
emailed to all candidates.  The submissions will be reviewed on the
basis of:

* Program Correctness
* Program Style
* Conformance to CBM's User Interface Guidelines
* Program Performance
* Prompt submission

All inquiries will be held in confidence.