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The Amiga Report Staff                          Dedicated to serving you!

                                Editor in Chief

                                 Robert Glover

 Portal:                             Rob-G
 Delphi:                             ROB_G
 FidoNet:                           1:285/11
 Internet:                      ROB_G@Delphi.COM

                               Associate Editors

                              Technical Department

                                  Robert Niles

 Portal:                            RNiles
 Delphi:                            RNILES
 FidoNet:                         1:3407/104
 Internet:                     RNILES@Delphi.COM

                              Graphics Department

                                  Mike Troxell

 Portal:                         One day, maybe?
 FidoNet:                          1:362/508


                         Contributing Correspondents
                                 Jun Akiyama
                                Peter  Ingham 
                                 Brian King
                                 Marc Rifkin
                                John A.Scotto

          PC DIVISION           ATARI DIVISION           MAC DIVISION
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          Roger D. Stevens      Ralph F. Mariano         R. Albritton