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    From the Editor's Desk     Saying it like it is!
      CPU  Status Report       Computer Products Update
        Online Weekly          The lines ARE buzzing!
    Amiga Tip of the Week      The Amiga startup procedure
     AR available on WWW       Read it on the InterNet!
    Show Report: AmigaFest     In "SUNY" Cortland
  UseNet Review - Brilliance   by Digital Creations
        The AR Viewer          We have a brush viewer!
  UseNet Review - The 1230XA   An accelerator by Microbotics
 GameSmith Development System  From BitHead Technologies
   UseNet Review - Simlife     by Maxis/Mindscape
   UseNet Review - Infocom     The Lost Treasures of Infocom
        AR Confidential        A new modem standard?
     The Humor Department      Jokes, Quotes, & Shameless plugs