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/// We have a VIEWER!
    by Robert Niles

With special thanks to John Enright, author of the future GameSmith (TM)
Development System, we are happy to present to you the first edition of 
Amiga Report with pictures and a proprietory viewer. John was nice enough
to work with me on this viewer, letting me nit-pick at it, getting it to
where we both fealt it was good enough to be released.

The viewer is compatable with 1.3/2.x/3.0 operating systems and can view
picture files up to and including HAM8 and 256 color AGA pictures.
AR_Viewer should be placed within your C: directory, your current working
directory or somewhere within your searched paths.

It opens up on the WorkBench screen with a border around the picture file.
All standard gadgets can be used, and the picture can be moved around as
well. When displaying a picure on the Workbench screen, the picture must
use the same colors assigned to the Workbench screen, making some pictures
look ...well... not all that good (but hopefully to be corrected in a 
future version). There is a pull-down menu with the option of "Custom 
Screen". Selecting that will bring up a custom screen, and the picture 
will be viewed as it was meant. demonstrated here with this picture
button of the  CD32  console.

Now this may be a strange way to view picture files, but it gives us the
flexability needed to control the size of the pictures that we wish to
include with Amiga Report. You won't have to download an additional 100k 
Amiga Report file when it could have been kept down to something smaller.

With this viewer, you can continue to browse through and read Amiga Report
while the picture is still being shown. This is good were an item in the
text is describing something in the picture. Also you may view as many
pictures as memory allows at once. Good for comparisons.

We hope you like this addition to Amiga Report, if you have any comments,
suggestions, or complaints, please feel free to  send us a note .