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/// Amiga Report Available via the World Wide Web!
    By Michael Witbrock

Although AmigaGuide is still the best way to browse Amiga Report, the
magazine is  now also available in a form which may be more convenient for
people with direct Internet access.

Amiga Report is being converted weekly to a document readable via the World
Wide Web, allowing immediate access without the chore of dearchiving and
downloading to an Amiga.  Within a day (often less) of its release, each
Amiga Report starting from AR118 will be  converted into an HTML hyper-
document that behaves as similarly as possible to the AmigaGuide version,
and will be made available at this URL:


For those who don't recognize that, a URL is a Uniform Resource Locator,
which specifies access method and location information for information
readable with WWW browsers such as NCSA mosaic. NCSA mosaic is a self
contained program running under the X window system, and is  available
for anonymous FTP from in directory /Mosaic.

Even if you don't plan to read AmigaReport by this means, I strongly
recommend that you get a copy of NCSA mosaic and play with it. The
amount of information (in the form of pictures, sounds, text, and mpeg
movies) it makes easily available is astounding, and the program itself
is a marvel of good user interface design. I hope that someone will use
the recent attempts at PD TCP/IP networking solutions and port the
program to the Amiga.

Happy browsing!