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From the Interactive Forum on Delphi

     1-SEP 18:06  DELPHI/News Corp
     News Corporation plans to acquire DELPHI
     From: RUSTY        To: ALL

We're pleased to announce agreement in principle for The News Corporation
Limited to acquire DELPHI.  The announcement was made this evening (September
1, 1993) by News Corporation Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Rupert
Murdoch, during a speech broadcast via satellite to company locations in Los
Angeles, New York, London, and Sydney, Australia.

News Corporation is a multinational media company headquartered in Sydney.
Some of News Corporation's well known businesses include Twentieth Century
Fox, Fox Television, HarperCollins Publishing, TV Guide, Mirabella Magazine,
Sky TV, Star TV, and large number of newspapers in Great Britain, the US, and
Australia including the Boston Herald, the New York Post, and the Times of

It's important to note, however, that in many ways it will be business as usual
for DELPHI -- just on a larger scale.  DELPHI's management team will remain the
same, we'll be operating out of the same facility in Cambridge, Massachusetts,
and we'll remain committed to providing high-value innovative services with an
emphasis on personal interaction. Maintaining the community feeling of DELPHI
is important to us and it is important to News Corporation.

We're all very excited about this transition because it ensures a dominant and
expanding role for DELPHI in the interactive future.

We've created this forum to provide a place for members to air questions about
News Corporation and the future of interactive media in general. We're eager to
receive your input and to hear your comments.  It may be a while before we can
arrange a personal appearance by Bart Simpson, but rest assured we're working
on it ;-)

Thanks for your input and support.  There are some very exciting times ahead!

Rusty Williams
VP/General Manager of DELPHI


     1-SEP 19:19  DELPHI/News Corp
     RE: News Corp/DELPHI press release (Re: Msg 2)
     From: WALTHOWE     To: ALL

Exciting news indeed! I look with great interest at the the tidbits in the
releases such as "electronic newspapers" (individualized?), online TV Guide,
and interactive cable TV. I've been wondering how DELPHI was going to move
beyond the Sprintnet and Tymnet dependence, and this seems to open all sorts
of new possibilities for the future.

We're in the big leagues now, and we're leading the way!
    J  )  Walt
  (   )