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/// From the Editor's Desk                        "Saying it like it is!"

Some interesting things have been happening this week in the Wonderful 
World of Computers.  Delphi is being purchased by News Corporation, there
was a big conference of BBS sysops discussing the pornography issue, and
there has been a rumor going around that Commodore is going to sell off the
Amiga line of computers to RJR Nabisco, who intends to turn the entire
platform into an automated cookie control system.

Just kidding!  The first two are true, but I doubt Nabisco would know what
to do with a system as advanced as the Amiga. <big grin>

The Delphi takeover should prove very interesting in the coming weeks.  The
new services being added should help Delphi grow considerably.  Being fifth
largest isn't bad, but when you have the likes of Compu$erve and GEnie
above you, it makes for a nice challenge!  Delphi is one of the best online
bargains available today, and we'd like to see it get even better!  We wish
you well!

On another note, we a have a new treat for you beginning this week.  We
have a new proprietary AmigaGuide Brush Viewer which will allow us to
include pictures in the magazine, tied to buttons just like the normal
text!  Check out Robert Niles' story on it for more details.

                            Rob @ Amiga Report