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   From the Editor's Desk     Saying it like it is!
     CPU  Status Report       Computer Products Update
   CBM Announces the CD32     CD32 released in the U.S.A. 
  TORQUEWare for the Amiga    A programming tool for the Amiga
         Swap Meet!           Amiga Computer Club's 1st Annual
  INOVAtronic Announcement    New licensing and distro policy 
       News from Portal       Getting busy lines???
        Online Weekly         The lines ARE buzzing!
     AR available on WWW      Read it on the InterNet!
        WOCA Pasadena         Official schedule of seminars
   The Emulation Examiner     ....a suggestion
         A.M.I.G.A.           WOAH! Going AGA!
  Delphi Online Conference    The Atari Jaguar
        Usenet Review         ADPro HP ScanJet IIc driver 
 Amiga Report asks for help!  We need an IFF brush viewer!
   Supra Releases new ROMs    The new ROMs are here!
       AR Confidential        Jaguar to dominate Atari's direction
    The Humor Department      Reality check!!