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Inovatronics, Inc
8499 Greenville Ave. #209B
Dallas, TX  75231
Phone: (214) 340-4991
FAX: (214) 340-8514

August 19, 1993

RE: New CanDo 2.5 Runtime License and Distribution Policy

Dear CanDo User,

With respect to changes in Commodore's marketing and repositioning of 
the Amiga computer we've modified our policy regarding the distribution 
of software created using CanDo.  With the marketplace becoming more 
vertically positioned with specialized needs and less high volume, main 
stream oriented, Inovatronics is adjusting to compensate,  This alteration 
will particularly affect developers that market and sell their software 

Specifically, there are three types of software license arrangements that 
are available to developers.

1. Shareware and Freely distributed software.

Authors of non-commercial applications that are to be distributed 
freely among other enthusiasts and hobbyist may acquire a special 
version of CanDo Deckbrowser and DeckBinder.  Deckbrowser may 
then be included with the author's application and enable any Amiga 
user to run the CanDo application.  Authors may obtain Deckbrowser 
and DeckBinder simply by providing a copy of their distributed CanDo 
application to Inovatronics, Inc.  When launched, the new 
Deckbrowser now contains a small notice stating that it is explicitly for 
non-commercial use only.

2. Commercially marketed, sold and distributed software packages.

Developers of commercial software packages that are authored 
partially or entirely with CanDo must obtain a software license 
agreement from Inovatronics, Inc.  A custom CanDo runtime system 
will be provided to the developer that may be distributed with the 
application.  The developer will be charged a yearly license fee for the 
runtime system that will be determined by Inovatronics, Inc.  Typical 
fees will range between $50 to $200 and based upon the actual 
application.  This license will cover single or multiple software titles and 
apply toward all units sold.

3. Business, institutional, and value added software, used by or sold with 
vertically oriented hardware systems.

Businesses, Institutions and Value Added Resellers that customize 
systems with CanDo applications then disseminate or resell the 
software/hardware solutions are required to either include a CanDo 
retail unit or license a CanDo runtime system from Inovatronics for 
each hardware delivery system.  Fees will be based on specific 
application and will be designed to be very cost effective for the user.

Given these new policies, and with accurate information concerning our 
users, we can offer better support and more powerful and flexible 
products in the future.

If you have additional questions or would like more information please 
write or phone us at 1-214-340-4991.

Thank You

Tim Martin