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                   Announcing the Amiga Computer Club's
                               First Annual

                             *** SWAP MEET ***

    The Amiga Computer Club (ACC) is proud to present to you it's first
annual Swap Meet.  It will be held on September 5th from 11:00 AM until 4:00
PM (Or whenever everyone decides to go home :-)  Come, and bring anything
for the Amiga that you don't use or need anymore. Who knows, if you bring
that old genlock, or the game you used to love, but just doesn't work on
your new machine anymore, you could come home with something you always
wanted.  Printers, HardDrives, Monitors, Genlocks, Games, Utilities, and
other software or hardware are all accepted.
    Plus, as added incentive, we are having a raffle, with many new and
exciting things being given as prizes. Just a few of the prizes to the ever
expanding list are: Software from Dr. T's; Games and other
software donated by MegaBytes n' More; Games and utilitty software from
FineTastic Computers; Software from Gold Disk; and much _MUCH_ more!

    Also, if you either own a retail outlet, or make an Amiga product, and
would like a little "free press", call or e-mail us to get a mailing address
to send flyers and/or donations to our raffle to.

    If you are in the New England, make it a date and come to the First
Annual ACC Swap Meet! If you are interested in further information, such as
directions or if you want a table to sell your own items, please call:

    Bill Young: (508) 432-3986

    Or contact Jeffrey Peden by Internet:

    And ask about the "ACC Swap Meet."

    The ACC Swap Meet will be held on Sunday, September 5th, at C3TV
          Community Television Access Center in Yarmouth, MA.