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CONTACT: Lauren Keffer
Commodore Business Machines, Inc.
(215) 431 ,9478

Commodore Announces Introduction of
the Amiga CD32

(West Chester, PA, August 13, 1993) Commodore Business Machines today
announced the introduction of the Amiga CD32 to be held at the World of
Commodore Amiga show in Pasadena, California on September 10, 1993. The
new Amiga CD32, a 32,bit game console with a double-speed CD-ROM drive,
is based on the very successful Advanced Graphics Architecture TM chip
set. It can display and animate graphics in 256,000 colors to create
realistic, three-dimensional graphics and animations for games and video

Similar in appearance to other types of game consoles, the Amiga CD32
includes a hand-held, 11-button game controller and connectors for
standard Amiga mouse, joystick and keyboard. The Amiga CD32 is easily
connected to a TV set,composite monitor or SVHS video monitor.

The Amiga CD32 provides users with access to many existing CDTV game and
reference titles. Psygnosis, Ocean, Acclaim, Virgin Games and other
notable game developers are introducing new games for the Amiga CD32 .
About 30 games are expected to be available by October, 1993.

An optional MPEG module allows software developers to incorporate video,
movie segments and TV-like backgrounds into their applications. This
technology provides game enthusiasts with a new class of action-packed
games that include CD-quality sound. The Amiga CD32 plays VideoCD
industry standard full-motion music videos and movies as well as standard
audio CDs and CD+G discs.

Price for the Amiga CD32 will be competitive with the price of 1 6-bit