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/// Supra Corporation releases new ROMs

FaxBack Now available from Supra!

FaxBack number is 503-967-0072.  The automated service provides
information and instructions for most of Supra current products 24hrs.
a day.  Call in from a Touch-Tone phone and request your document.
Supra's FaxBack system will then call you back and fax the information
you requested.

Supra releases upgrade ROMs for the SupraFaxModem!

Supra has released version 1.8 of their ROMs for the SupraFaxModem.
SupraFAXModem users wishing to upgrade to the latest ROM code currently
used on our production lines, can now order full upgrade kits for only
$19.95! (International Orders slightly higher due to shipping costs.)
Contact Supra for details on upgrading your SupraFaxModem.

Supra Corporation
7101 Supra Drive SW
Albany, OR 97321

Voice: 503-967-2400
       503-967-2410 (Orders)
       503-967-2440 (Tech Support)

BBS  : 503-967-2444

Fax  : 503-967-2401