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/// A Call For Help!
    By Robert Niles

A while ago Amiga Report moved to the AmigaGuide format for a variety
of reasons. One of these reasons was so that we could include pictures
within the magazine in a easy, convenient way.

As most pictures are somewhat large, and we really don't want to start
creating an archive that is a burden to download, we would like to ask
someone to create a IFF brush viewing program that we may use here with
the Amiga Report magazine. We wouldn't be able to pay you for your time
and efforts, but we would give you the credit due, and we would be 
extremely grateful!

What we are looking for is this:

- A program that works well within the SHELL environment.
- Be able to take arguments (to load the picture brush file).
- Load and display 2 to 32 color IFF brushes.
- Create a border around the brush, automatically adjusting to the size
  of the brush.
- Have the window draggable and with a close gadget.
- Be as small as possible in size, using as little memory as possible.
- Be compatible with 1.3 systems on up to 3.0 systems.

Can this be done?? 

If so, this will enable us to load up picture files, and use only as much
memory as needed to display what needs to be shown.

Again, we wouldn't be able to pay you, but we do not ask for any rights 
over the program. We would just like to be able to include it within our
distribution archive as needed.

Send questions, comments to Robert Glover or to Robert Niles.

Thank you,

	Amiga Report