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/// WOCA Pasadena,  Sept 10-12 '93 -- Seminars and Official Schedule
    Brought to you by Harv Laser

Here is the official schedule of Seminars for the World of Commodore
Amiga Show, put on by Ramige Management Group, to be held

The Pasadena Center
300 East Green Street
Pasadena, CA USA 91101

Sept. 10-12, 1993

Note: I'm posting this in the public interest. I'm not involved with
Ramige Management Group.  I plan to attend all three days of this show
and hope to see/meet you there if you are too.  Portal won't have a
booth.  Just me and a few of my fellow Sysops wandering around with
glazed looks.

This article is *NOT* reprinted by permission of anyone's "4 minute
news". User Group newsletter editors take note: typing in someone else's
press releases and then claiming ownership of them and demanding reprint
credits is, at best, an odious act.

This schedule was mailed to me. I scanned it with my Epson ES300C flatbed
scanner using ASDG's ADPro Epson driver, then imported the saved IFF
monochorme scans into MiGraph's OCR software and let it chew on them and
spit out ASCII text. Spellchecking and reformatting were then done with
WordPerfect for the Amiga, that horrible & obsolete software that's still
(IMHO) the best all-around workhorse Amiga word processor :-)

Any errors or miSpiLlenGZ are purely unintentional.

Not responsible. Park and lock it.

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Friday. September 10. 1993

11:00 Scala's Sneak Preview : Multimedia MM300 and
InfoChannel IC500

For the first time Scala Inc . will demonstrate some of the new
features , new utilities , new libraries and new uses for MM300 and
for InfoChannel IC500 (both to be released later this fall ) .
controllers for products like genlocks , VCR, s , 24 bit boards ,
switchers , audio cards , Toasters and MAc and PC formats will be
demonstrated and discussed . Multimedia on an Amiga has never been
so easy and so powerful .

12:00 Centaur Presents OpalVision

Centaur Development will be demonstrating their award-winning and
critically acclaimed OpalVision 24-bit video and graphic system .
You'll see the software included with every OpalVision Main Board
including the powerful painting and image manipulation features
included in OpalPaint and the 24-bit animation capabilities of
OpalAniMATE . The seminar will also include a sneak preview of some
of the features of the upcoming opalVision Video Modules , including
the Digital Video Effects made possible by the opalVision Roaster
Chip , framegrabbing and retouching of live video , the opal
Character Generator and more !

12:45 Axiom Demos Mew Software

Tony Stutterheim, animator on seaQuest, will demonstrate WaveMaker ,
the new animation creation software for LightWave 3D . Tony has
designed WaveMaker to make it easy to create beautiful flying-logo
animations . Axiom programmers Scott Thede and Brian Wagner will
demonstrate new AGA versions of Pixel 3D Professional and Anim
Workshop .

1:30 Keynote Address by Commodore Business Machines

Lew Eggebrecht, Vice president of Engineering , Commodore
International, and Jim Dionne, President of Commodore U.S.A. will
discuss future directions of Commodore.

2:30 AmiLink CIP - The Gateway to Professional
Performance Editing

Introducing the most important new desktop video editing product
since the advent of the original AmiLink , the AmiLink CIP Personal
Video Editor . AmiLink CIP can be used by anyone , from the small
independent producer to the seasoned post-production veteran .

AmiLink CIP represents an opportunity for videographers on al l
levels to experience professional style video production using
industrial grade video decks . CIP provides Flawless control of a
wide variety of affordable equipment with the feel of much more
expensive professional gear . CIP bridges the gap between consumer-
industrial and professional equipment by allowing you to add pro-
level devices to your existing CIP system . Simply add a pro-level
control module and hook a BNC cable to CIP system and you've made
the jump to a whole new realm of video production .

AmiLink CIP is the entry-level professional version of the highly
successful AmiLink professional series .

3:15 Jim Sachs Presents Brilliance - Professional Paint and
Animation software

Jim Sachs will give an indepth look at Digital creations , new paint
and animation software - Brilliance . Jim is the Amiga artist that
created "'Amiga Lagoon"' , the cover art for the Brilliance package
and poster. He will share some of his techniques in using this
powerful new paint and animation package .

4:00 Full Motion video

Commodore will present current and future projects for
incorporating MPEG Full Motion Video into the CD32 console. Movies
and TV-like backgrounds for game and personal applications will be
demonstrated .

Saturday . September 11 . 1993

10:30 Keynote Address by Commodore Business Machines
See listing for Friday, 1:30.

11:30 GVP's ImageFX

Meet Warner Bros. animator, Rusty Mills , and see how GVP's ImageFX
is used extensively in an upcoming animated TV series . Rusty will
introduce you to dazzling effects and tips from a professional for
using this dynamic and powerful software in real-life
application . . . and maybe some surprises too !

12:15 Centaur Presents OpalVision
See listing for Friday , 12:00.

1:00 Axiom Demos New Software
See listing for Friday, 12:45.

1:45 AmiLink CIP - The Gateway to Professional
Performance Editing
See listing for Friday, 2:30.

2:30 Full Motion Video
See listing for Friday, 4:00.

3:15 Toaster 4000 & Lightwave 3D

Video Toaster User columnist and seaQuest animator , John Gross ,
will demonstrate the features of NewTek' s recently released Video
Toaster 4000 . Highlights include a completely upgraded switcher,
character Generator and LightWave 3D . John will also talk about
his experiences using the Video Toaster for the new NBC series
seaQuest .

Sunday, September 12, 1993

12:30 Keynote Address by Commodore Business Machines

Jeff Porter, Director of Engineering, Commodore International, and
John DiLullo, Director of Marketing, Commodore U.S., will discuss
future directions of Commodore .

1:30 Audio-For-Video Using Studio 16

Experts from SunRize Industries wi 11 show you how easy it is to add
voice overs (off camera narration) , music, and sound effects to
your videos , Producing professional sounding videos is easy and
costs very little. This seminar takes you through the audio
production of a short video segment and outlines the equipment you
need .

2:15 Jim Sachs Presents Brilliance - Professional Paint and
Animation Software
See listing for Friday, 3:15,

3:00 Centaur Presents OpalVision
See listing for Friday , 12:00.

3:45 Morphing For the Common Man

A seminar about morphing ; the exciting special effect in use
throughout film and video, The use of GVP's amazing CineMorph for
creating exciting , and easy , warps and morphs will be highlighted
in this fascinating discussion and demonstration that will focus on
techniques everyone can use .