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        AmiTCP/IP - TCP/IP protocol stack for Amiga


        Release 2.0


        The AmiTCP/IP Programming Project Group in Helsinki University
        of Technology, referred further on as AmiTCP/IP Group:

        Tomi Ollila     <>
        Pekka Pessi     <>
        Markus Peuhkuri <>
        Jarno Rajahalme <>

        E-mail address for the group:


        AmiTCP/IP is the first publicly available TCP/IP protocol stack
        for the SANA-II interface. AmiTCP/IP provides an application level
        socket interface to the Internet protocol suite as an Amiga shared

        The Internet protocols, commonly known as TCP/IP, consist of user
        level protocols TCP and UDP and IP as the network level protocol.
        There is a wide variety of different network applications and
        services using TCP/IP protocols. The BSD compatible socket
        interface to Internet protocols makes it possible to port existing
        applications with minor modifications.

        AmiTCP/IP connects to the network via SANA-II compatible device
        drivers. SANA-II is a hardware and protocol independent network
        adapter interface specification published by Commodore. Several
        network adapter manufactures have made available SANA-II device
        drivers for their hardware. Currently there are SANA-II drivers
        available at least for Ethernet, Arcnet and serial line
        interfaces. You can connect to Internet with Ethernet LAN, or via
        modem line with Serial line IP (SLIP) optionally with compressed
        headers (CSLIP).

        A typical application is to use (C)SLIP to connect univeristy and
        have multitasking connection:  you can read mails and news,
        transfer files and use IRC at the same time over one modem line.


        1. Standard SANA-II network device driver interface.
        2. BSD-compatible socket interface as a Amiga shared library.
        3. ARexx port for configuration and statistics.
        4. Over 200 pages of documentation including:
                - Installation and configuration
                - ARexx port commands
                - Programmer's manual based on the BSD IPC manual. This
                  is a fairly complete tutorial for developing powerful
                  client/server applications
                - Internal description of the implementation
                - Utility and API function reference guide in AutoDoc form.
        5. Basic applications with source included.
        6. Based on the BSD Net/2 release.
        7. Full source code included.

        While all Internet services and applications (telnet, ftp, news,
        mail) can be accessed with AmiTCP/IP, many applications are still
        under development by us and others. Current release of the AmiTCP/IP
        contains following applications:

        * Telnet - standard program to log on other systems **
        * Ftp - standard program to transfer files between systems **
        * Napsaterm - a VT100 terminal emulator using remote login
        * TCP - networking support for GNU Emacs. With TCP you can use any
          elisp-based networking applications (gnus, gopher, irchat etc.)
        * LetNet - a simple filter for connecting to TCP based
          services. Suitable for scripts and testing
        * inetd - Internet super server, which starts other services
          when needed and provides some simple services by itself
        * FingerD - a Finger daemon which prints user information or
          a banner file
        * QWriter - an application to test and benchmark network

        Following network utilities are also available:

        * arp - tool to handle ARP hardware address translation tables
        * ifconfig - tool to control network interface parameters
        * netstat - a ARexx script to get statistical information
          from networking
        * ping - utility to test network connectivity
        * route - tool to display and manipulate routing tables
        * online/offline - utilities to control SANA-II device drivers

        ** = ported by Mark Tomlinson <>
             and Goeff McCaughan <>


        AmiTCP/IP can be run from floppy and with one megabyte of memory,
        but as usual, hard disk and more memory makes your life easier.

        Amiga OS release 2.04 or newer is required.

        SANA-II device driver is needed for your network adapter. A test
        device driver, agnet.device, is included with sources. Also the
        freely distributable Commodore A2060 (Arcnet), A2065 (Ethernet),
        SLIP and CSLIP drivers are included. SLIP and CSLIP drivers
        contains bug fixes made by Olaf Seibert.

        LHA utility is required to unarchive distribution archives.

        Most of the source files has been compiled with GNU C 2.3 and SAS C
        6.3. Some utilities and libraries are compiled only with SAS C 6.3.
        However, only the executable files compiled with SAS C are tested.
        Also, the DICE C support is untested.


        AmiTCP/IP software has been uploaded to the Aminet. It should be
        shortly available at the following Aminet hosts:

        Switzerland      (
        Scandinavia           (
        Germany         (
        Germany   (
        Germany   (
        Germany   (
        Germany  (
        USA          (
        USA         (
        Australia   (
        UK       (

        For the convenience of Finnish users, AmiTCP/IP is also uploaded to

        The latest version of AmiTCP/IP is located in  This
        archive is not meant for massive downloading. Major new versions
        will be announced and distributed to other archives, too.


        In Aminet: pub/aminet/comm/net pub/amiga/datacomm/tcpip AmiTCP


        AmiTCP/IP revision 2.0 is distributed in 7 archives:
        AmiTCP-bin-20.lha       AmiTCP/IP binaries
        AmiTCP-psA-20.lha       Documentation for AmiTCP (PostScript, A4)
        AmiTCP-dvA-20.lha       Documentation for AmiTCP (DVI, A4)
        AmiTCP-psL-20.lha       Documentation for AmiTCP (PostScript, Letter)
        AmiTCP-dvL-20.lha       Documentation for AmiTCP (DVI, Letter)
        AmiTCP-txt-20.lha       Documentation for AmiTCP (plain text)
        AmiTCP-src-20.lha       Source for AmiTCP/IP

        If you just want to use AmiTCP/IP you need only archive
        AmiTCP-bin-20.lha containing also the basic documentation.

        The separate documentation files consists of the full System manual
        in different formats. It is available in text, PostScript and DVI
        formats. PostScript and DVI documents are formatted for A4 and
        "Letter" page sizes, PostScript fonts have 300 dpi resolution.
        Normally you need only one version suitable to your printer. Full
        documentation includes Programmer's Manual and Implementation Notes.

        To develop your own applications or AmiTCP/IP you need
        AmiTCP-src-20.lha, too.

        Archive name contains the release number, for instance archive
        AmiTCP-bin-20.lha contains release 2.0.


        AmiTCP/IP is distributed for free under GNU General Public License
        Version 2.


        The second release of AmiTCP contains some improvements and bug
        fixes over first release. It is incompatible with previous version
        in binary level. Some old applications and new library _DO_NOT_
        work together. If you have an application compiled with previous
        version of AmiTCP/IP, it _MUST_ be recompiled. We hope that this is
        the only downward incompatible release.

        Documentation is still not reformatted for (La)TeXinfo or


        E-mail address for:

        the group:

        bug reports and fixes:

        developer ( and announce list subscribition: